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Practical and inexpensive, i canned chickpeas they are ideal for enriching soups and salads or for preparing creams and meatballs. "The versatility of this ingredient is indisputable, as is its nutritional richness", says Diana Scatozza, dietician.

"Sources of proteins, vegetables, fibers and slow-absorbing carbohydrates, these ready-made legumes have only one flaw: they often contain a lot of salt which, as we know, if consumed in excess can be harmful to health. This is why I assigned the first places in the standings to less savory products ».

In praise of the made in in the country

Here is how Giorgio Donegani, our food technologist, proceeded in the evaluation of the 12 cans protagonists of this lab: «First of all I examined the state of the packages, noting with favor that none were swollen or damaged. I then moved on to reading the ingredients: the standard list includes chickpeas, water, salt. In some cases there was also ascorbic acid (or vitamin C) as an antioxidant. In principle, I have tried to reward, when present, the entire supply chain of the country ".

Our expert then moved on to analyzing the product: "I checked the preserving liquid (which must not be a cloudy mush), the size of the chickpeas (our own ones are medium-small), the homogeneity of the color and the absence of broken grains. But the most important judgment I gave it after tasting. In the mouth the flavor must not be too salty and allow the typical herbaceous notes to be perceived with sufficient intensity. Some champions were rejected precisely because they did not know anything (especially the cheaper ones). As for the consistency, it must not be too soft or pasty, but preferably al dente, without however becoming woody ».

Montello Black chickpeas from Murgia: € 1,47 per 400 g jar, 240 g without liquid (€ 6,12 / kg drained).

The strong point. The intense flavor.

These chickpeas, coming from the Murgia, are cooked with water and salt. They differ from the other products of the test not only for the black color, which makes the preserving liquid dark, but also for the dimensions, which are a little smaller. In the mouth the flavor is quite intense, basically herbaceous, pleasant and characteristic. While the consistency is decidedly firm, with the skin that feels a bit leathery under the teeth, but without being annoying.

In 100 g drained: 15 g of carbohydrates (of which 0,9 g sugars), 8,3 g of fiber, 7,4 g of protein, 1 g of salt, 119 calories.

Le Conserve della Nonna Giant chickpeas: € 1,59 the 430 g jar, 260 g without liquid (€ 6,11 / kg drained).

The strong point. The generous dimensions.

The ingredients are rehydrated giant chickpeas, water and salt. These legumes are even more than double the size of the others considered in the lab. They are contained in a glass jar with a resealable cap, which makes them easily observable without having to open the package. They have a faint, characteristic odor. In the mouth the consistency is satisfactory. As for the flavor, quite sweet and pleasant herbaceous notes were found.

In 100 g drained: 12 g of carbohydrates (of which 0,5 g sugars), 5,3 g of proteins, 0,6 g of salt, 104 calories.

Steamed Bonduelle: € 1,19 per 310 g jar, 265 g without liquid (€ 4,49 / kg drained).

The strong point. The excellent consistency.

The ingredients are the usual: in addition to legumes, water and salt. But the method of preparation is different: the chickpeas are steamed, which is why there is no preserving liquid. Attractive in appearance, they are medium in size, with a rather wrinkled surface, of a light color. In the mouth they show an excellent consistency, with the peel that does not bother under the teeth. The taste is pleasant, with the typical notes of the legume that feel good without being excessive.

In 100 g drained: 14,7 g of carbohydrates (of which less than 0,5 g sugars), 7,7 g of fiber, 6,4 g of protein, 0,6 g of salt, 120 calories.

From Rica: € 1,65 2 jars of 200 g, 120 g without liquid (€ 6,87 / kg drained).

The strong point. The 100% country supply chain

These chickpeas, entirely from the country, are prepared with water and salt. They have regular size, light color and are immersed in a clear governing liquid, in which neither peels nor fragments of seeds can be seen. When tasted, the consistency is well al dente, without being excessively hard. The flavor is natural, typical of the legume, with rather herbaceous, pleasant notes. There is little salt in it, which is a plus for the taste.

In 100 g drained: 14 g of carbohydrates (of which 1 g sugars), 6,7 g of proteins, 0,8 g of salt, 115 calories.

Our lab: Dr. Giorgio Donegani, food technologist in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan); Dr. Diana Scatozza, specialist in Food Science in Milan.

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