Can't lose weight? Find out where you go wrong in your diet

It may happen that the diet does not give the desired result, you seem to follow it scrupulously but the balance does not go down. Perhaps, on a subconscious level, you are practicing gods mechanisms that prevent you from losing weight.

"The fault is often due to mental processes acquired over time, which lead to performing wrong actions automatically", he explains Claudia Romani, an expert psychologist in eating disorders. "For example, you eat more than you should without even realizing it."

Focus on your psychological resistances

If the balance is not satisfying, what to do? «The first thing is to identify the attitudes or psychological resistances that prevent you from reaching the goal. Below, you will find three of the most common, ”says the psychologist. «Once you have found the no behaviors, ask yourself what is the motivation that led you to persevere with those attitudes:“ What need has it satisfied so far? From what protected me? ”».

Once you understand the reason that prevents you from being in line with your meal plan, think about aconcrete behavior alternative that you eliminate that emotional flaw.

If, for example, you eat out of boredom in moments of relaxation, to distract attention from food, make a list of manual activities to do that will keep you busy and gratify you immediately, such as ordering a drawer or your beauty corner. After that you will feel relaxed and content. And far from the temptation to open the fridge », concludes the psychologist.

1. Taste here and there

When starting a diet it is very easy to go overboard. Maybe, we deny ourselves the dessert but then we taste a teaspoon here and there. "The cravings that are activated at the beginning are often psychological rather than physiological," says Dr. Romani. “Food can numb the discomfort of changing menus and habits. Change perspective, then: do not use the word "diet" but "healthy eating". You will not feel so deprived ».

2. You exaggerate with the light

We often eat more because we serve ourselves double portions of light foods, believing they are zero calories. "So any diet is doomed to fail," the expert points out. «To get used to respecting the indicated doses, before starting the meal, imagine a green light that gradually turns yellow. When you have to stop, make it turn red (symbol of willpower): this color will activate a mental energy that will help you resist. 

3. You fast first, then you overeat

How many times do you think: “Since yesterday I only ate fruit, today I can give myself everything”? It is the compensation mechanism that creates subtle dynamics and does not allow you to discipline yourself at the table. When it happens to you, before opening the fridge say slowly (and several times) the word “stop”: your mind will give a command to your emotions and you can break the vicious circle.

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