Calculating LDL Cholesterol

What is the LDL Cholesterol Calculator?

The calculation of LDL cholesterol is the detection of LDL levels in the blood.
For the calculation of LDL cholesterol is in use the so-called Friedewald's formula, for which the knowledge of the values ​​of total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides is fundamental. According to the Friedewald formula, in fact, the calculation of LDL cholesterol is obtained through the formula:

LDL cholesterol = total cholesterol - [HDL + cholesterol (triglyceridemia / 5)]

Many laboratories limit themselves to detecting the plasma concentration of total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides, then calculating the LDL cholesterol using the Friedewald formula.

If your laboratory has not provided you with the exact LDL cholesterol value, you can know it in a few moments using our calculation module. However, this data will be 100% reliable only if the plasma concentration of triglycerides is less than 300 mg / dl.

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LDL cholesterol mg / dl
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Reference Values ​​for the Healthy Person

A - Total cholesterol: less than 200 mg / dl.

B - Good cholesterol (HDL): greater than 50 mg / dl.

C - Triglyceridemia: less than or equal to 150 mg / dl.

D - Bad cholesterol (LDL): optimal value below 100 mg / dl; almost optimal value between 100 and 129 mg / dl **.

E - Risk index (total cholesterol / HDL): less than 5 for men or 4.5 for women.

Calculate your ideal LDL cholesterol values

Currently, data E is given greater importance, since the proportion between total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol is a better index of cardiovascular risk, compared to the simple evaluation of total cholesterol. It is therefore advisable to evaluate this ratio using this online calculation form.

** The value of bad cholesterol (LDL) must be less than 70 mg / dl in patients with high cardiovascular risk, such as diabetics and those who have already undergone clinical manifestations related to atherosclerosis (heart attack, angina pectoris, stroke, intermittent claudication ) or has a strong familiarity with such pathologies.

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