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LDL / HDL ratio

Some laboratories limit themselves to detecting the plasma concentration of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, then calculating the HDL cholesterol through the simple Friedwald's formula:

HDL cholesterol = total cholesterol - (LDL cholesterol + (triglyceridemia / 5))

If your laboratory has not provided you with the exact HDL cholesterol value, you can know it in a few moments using our calculation module. However, this data will be 100% reliable only if the plasma concentration of triglycerides is less than 300 mg / dl.

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total cholesterol (mg / dl)
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Cholesterol LDL (mg / dl)
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HDL cholesterol

  mg/dl *D

Risk index (total cholesterol / HDL cholesterol)   *E


* At total cholesterol: less than 200 mg / dl

* B bad cholesterol (LDL): less than 160 mg / dl **

* C triglyceridemia: between 50 and 170 mg / dl

* D good cholesterol (HDL): greater than 40 mg / dl

* And risk index (total cholesterol / HDL): less than 5 for men or 4.5 for women

Currently, data E is given greater importance, since the proportion between total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol is a better index of cardiovascular risk than the simple evaluation of total cholesterol.


** The value of bad cholesterol (LDL) must be less than 70 mg / dl in patients with high cardiovascular risk, such as diabetics and those who have already undergone clinical manifestations related to atherosclerosis (heart attack, angina pectoris, stroke, intermittent claudication ) or has a strong familiarity with such pathologies. Furthermore, a maximum value of 100mg / dl has recently been proposed even for the population without significant risk factors. To learn more, read: Calculate your ideal LDL cholesterol values

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