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Calcium is an indispensable substance as regards the growth and health of our bones, guaranteeing qualities such as the density and elasticity of the structure.

We can say that football therefore represents the minerale more presents in our body in the form of calcium phosphate, especially in systems such as bones and teeth. 


The function of calcium

Calcium intake is recommended to combat tooth decay, prevent and treat diseases such as osteoporosis or decalcification during menopause, rickets during child growth and help calcification following fractures. Not only. Calcium intake is recommended for nail problems, rheumatism and eczema. Other benefits of calcium intake include muscle development, cellular metabolism and energy production. 

Phases of life in which football becomes fundamental are represented by pregnancy and from breastfeeding: it is precisely in these periods that the maternal organism needs a large quantity of calcium. This is also important for balancing the nervous system and heartbeat. Decreases the level by cholesterol, also regulating the coagulation and the PH of the blood. As well as the functions of calcium, the relationship between calcium and nutrition is also fundamental.


Calcium and its intake

Getting calcium with your diet is very simple. Calcium for bones is found primarily in foods (milk, cereals, legumes, cabbage and oil seeds) and in plants such as horsetail, maca and spirulina. In adults the requirements calcium is 800-900 mg per day, while in pregnancy and lactation it is 1,5-2 g per day.

Among the foods with the highest concentration of calcium, we have yeast for baked goods, dried basil, whey, dried marjoram, thyme, celery seeds, sage, oregano, mint, seeds poppy, skimmed milk powder, parmesan, parmesan, pecorino, gruyere, sesame, cinnamon, rice and so on.

Calcium and vegan nutrition establish another interesting relationship, in which the tofu and soya milk.


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