Buttocks Stretching | Stretching legs and buttocks

By the healthiergang writer , certified personal trainer and athlete ().

Stretching For The Buttocks

The hip muscles are divided into two groups: the muscles of the iliac fossa, ileus psoas and small psoas and the muscles of the gluteal region, divided into large, medium and gluteus minimus, piriformis muscle, square femur muscle, internal obturator muscle and upper and lower twin muscles.

The tone and elasticity of the muscles of the gluteal region are very important to avoid arthritic problems in the hips, piriformis syndrome and sciatica, as well as to improve posture and general balance: the stretching exercises for the buttocks serve precisely to maintain elasticity and tone in this very important area, preserving it from injuries and annoying pains.

There are various exercises that serve to keep the muscles of the hips toned and elastic: here I propose 4 that I consider essential and effective, to be done every day, (preferably every other day) and, of course, always after each workout.

In the first case it is advisable to activate the part that will be stretched with specific pelvic rotation exercises, or with a dynamic warm-up that involves the whole body. In the second case, the part is already trained and the stretching will serve to relax and cool down.

1. Lying gluteus stretch 

Lie on your back, straighten your legs and bring your arms to your sides. Bend your right leg and bring it to your chest, keeping your hands behind or above the knee of the bent limb, so as to exert gentle pressure on it.

This glute stretch exercise is easy to perform and is useful for relaxing the entire lower back. Hold the position for about 20-30 seconds, breathing freely and then straighten the leg, repeating the stretch with the left leg.

Buttocks Stretching | Stretching legs and buttocks

2. Figure four stretch

The figure four strech is one of the best exercises for streching for the buttocks. Lie on the ground, knees high and soles of the feet on the ground; bring the right ankle on the left knee, grasp the left thigh with the hands and pull it slightly to the chest, taking care to keep the head and shoulders well resting on the floor.

Keep the part in tension for about 20-30 seconds, breathing normally. The exercise will then be repeated with the other leg. Very useful for relaxing

Buttocks Stretching | Stretching legs and buttocks

3. Runner’s lunge stretch

Take a large step forward and flex your legs: the forward leg will see the knee in line with the ankle, while the knee of the rear leg will be resting on the floor. Keep your back straight and gaze forward, contract your abs and bring your hands to your hips or forward thigh.

Apply pressure to the hip of the forward leg so that you feel the increased tension in that of the rear leg. Hold the position for about 20-30 seconds breathing normally and then repeat with the other. This exercise serves to stretch all the lower muscles, but significantly the muscle of the gluteal region.

You can also slightly modify the movement, extending and raising the rear leg a few centimeters from the floor, with the heel up and the toe supporting and bringing the hands to the sides of the advanced foot, arms extended, torso in line with the floor and resting on the thigh; straightening the back will increase the tension and therefore the effectiveness of the tension on the back leg. (image norburgchiro.com) large and small buttock.

Buttocks Stretching | Stretching legs and buttocks

4. Primal squat stretch

This buttock stretching exercise is also valid for increasing the elasticity of the entire lower part of the body; not immediate and simple to execute, do not worry if it will not be immediately received, with a little practice it will certainly be assimilated in a few sessions.

This exercise should be done with bare feet, spread to the same width as the hips. From this position, slowly bring yourself into a full squat, until your thighs rest behind the calves and shoulders between the knees.

To avoid losing static and balance the first few times, you can lean on any handle or support in front of you. As you become more familiar with the exercise, you will try to do it without support. Curiosity: for oriental peoples, this is a resting position.

Do you want more? Here you are satisfied, you can alternate them with the 4 or integrate them as you like.

Buttocks Stretching | Stretching legs and buttocks

5. Supine stretch with crossed legs

Starting from a supine position, with legs together and bent as far as possible towards the chest, cross the right leg over the left, place the right foot on the left knee, one hand on the knee of the upper leg, the other hand on the foot of the same leg.

From this position, pull your leg as far as possible, breathing regularly, and hold the tension for about 30 seconds. Then repeat this glute stretching exercise with the opposite leg.

6. Supine stretch with leg at 90 ° towards the shoulder

Starting again from a supine position, legs together and arms extended at the sides, flex one leg towards the corresponding shoulder and bend it at 90 °: then grab the ankle with one hand and the knee with the other and pull towards the shoulder.

Keep the leg in tension by breathing regularly for about 20/30 seconds, then return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg (remember: if the right leg is bent, the right hand grabs the knee and the left hand grabs the feet)

Variation: this same exercise can also be done while sitting with your back against a wall.

7. Carponi extension

From this position, legs together, torso forward and palms resting on the ground near the knees, move one leg back well stretched; bring the other bent leg under the torso, rotating it inwards, and exerting a slight pressure until you feel the corresponding buttock pull. Keep your torso high.

Maintain the position for 15/20 seconds, breathing normally.

Variation: If you push your arms straight forward and bend your torso on the bent leg, you will exert more pressure and therefore greater tension on the muscle you are stretching. Hold this position for 30 seconds while breathing normally.

8. Supine Stretch with Bent Leg

From a supine position with straight legs and open arms, palms resting on the floor, flex the left leg at 90 °, bring it to cross the right leg and place the right hand on the knee. Place the foot of the bent leg (in this case the left) on the ground and apply pressure with the hand resting on the knee until you feel the buttock pull. Breathe normally and hold the position for 15/20 seconds.

Variation: To increase the tension on the buttock of the bent leg, push the corresponding shoulder (therefore the left) to the floor, and rotate the neck and head in that direction. You will feel more tension reaching the gluteus and lower back muscles. Maintain the position by breathing normally for about 30 seconds.

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