Butter: 5 plant-based alternatives beyond margarine

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As replace the butter in the kitchen? Replacing the butter for the preparation of sweet or savory recipes is not complicated and is above all advantageous. In fact, by replacing the butter, they will be obtained much lighter dishes as well as suitable for those who have chosen a veg diet.

La margarine, the vegetable substitute par excellence, does not represent, in fact, the best choice from the point of view of health, even in its non-hydrogenated version. So what to use?

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Le more versatile alternatives to butter are the'extra virgin olive oil and homemade vegetable butter. But it doesn't stop there. In fact, you can also replace the butter with avocado pulp or almond cream for the preparation of desserts, or with sesame cream, or tahini, in savory recipes. Here are some helpful tips.


Extra virgin olive oil

THEextra virgin olive oil it is the most common and easiest alternative to butter to use, especially as a condiment. Calculate that, if the recipe for a cake calls for using 100 grams of butter, you can replace them with about 80 grams of oil, or decrease the quantity to obtain an even lighter dessert. As for desserts, if the taste of extra virgin olive oil is too strong, you can replace it with organic corn oil or with organic rice oil, as these two oils have a much more delicate flavor, which goes better with the preparation of cakes and biscuits. However, it is above all a matter of taste. Extra virgin olive oil is also perfect for preparing doughs for savory pies, as well as for replacing butter in any type of cooking.

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Homemade vegetable butter

One of the possible alternatives to common butter is represented by organic vegetable butter. You can buy it in health food stores. It is usually composed of organic vegetable oils thickened using soy lecithin (without hydrogenation). You can repeat a similar process at home having these simple ingredients at your disposal: vegetable oils (organic and precious), water and soy lecithin, as suggested by a simple recipe present online.


Or you can prepare the homemade vegetable butter using 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 50 g of natural soy milk, without sugar and without salt, a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon juice, according to the procedure shown in the following video. In this way you will obtain alternatives to cow butter suitable for both sweet and savory preparations, both in terms of consistency and flavor.

Avocado pulp

Have you ever thought of making the alternative to butter from a fruit? This is the avocado pulp, a food rich in beneficial fats, whose consistency is reminiscent of that of common butter. This feature, together with the delicate flavor, allows you to use the avocado pulp in place of butter especially in the preparation of desserts, such as cakes, muffins or plumcakes. You can mash with a fork or blend the avocado pulp and add it to the other ingredients of your dough, little by little, in order to obtain a consistency as similar as possible to that of traditional recipes. Avocado pulp is very useful for make sweets lighter replacing with it at least half of the butter or margarine indicated in the recipes.

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Sesame cream

Sesame cream can be used to replace butter in savory recipes. Its taste is quite strong, so you can decide to replace the butter indicated in the recipes partly with oil and partly with sesame cream, also known as tahini o tahina. For prepare the sesame cream at home you will only need sesame seeds and extra virgin olive oil. You will need to toast the sesame seeds in a pan for a couple of minutes, without adding any oils. Then you will have to blend them in a mixer or food processor, gradually increasing the power and gradually adding extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil gradually, until you get a sesame cream with a consistency as smooth and homogeneous as possible. . Sesame cream is one of the tastiest alternatives from spread on bread together with jam, instead of butter. Try it also to replace butter as a condiment, to enrich salads, to whisk risottos and to prepare sauces and bechamel. If you love the flavor, you can also use it to prepare biscuits.

Almonds cream

An interesting alternative to butter in the preparation of desserts is represented by almonds cream, which can be purchased in organic food stores, or you can prepare at home simply blending the almonds with a powerful food processor, until they release their natural oils and form a cream (if necessary, add a little oil with a delicate flavor in the preparation, but with a high-speed mixer it shouldn't help). The almond cream is suitable as a substitute for butter in the preparation of shortcrust pastry and biscuits. Preparation will be easier if you toast the almonds before blending them. In addition to the almond cream, you can replace the common butter in the preparation of desserts with cocoa butter, which is however less readily available. The advice is to try to look for it in the pastry shop. With the same procedure used for the almond cream, you can also prepare one cashew cream, the peanut butter or a hazelnut cream, to be used instead of butter in sweet or savory preparations according to your tastes.


You know other natural ingredients suitable for replace the butter in the kitchen?

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