Bulgur: 10 recipes to enjoy it at its best

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Il bulghur, or boulgur, is an ancient food, very rich in fiber. It is obtained from steamed wheat grains, dried and then ground. It is similar to couscous, but its grains are larger. You can find bulgur in organic or ethnic food stores, herbalist's shops, on the internet and in some supermarkets.

Basic recipe for cooking bulgur

prepare the bulgur just pour it into a saucepan - without lighting the flame of the stove - and cover it with boiling water (double the amount of bulgur). You will have to wait 20-30 minutes before enjoying it and so that all the water is absorbed. Then you can use it for numerous recipes, such as the ones we offer you.


Cold bulgur salad

A cold salad of bulgur tomatoes and grilled zucchini is a cold dish very easy and quick to prepare, which you can dress with fresh and seasonal ingredients. It will be a great alternative to the classic rice salad. Green light for courgettes, tomatoes and mint leaves. Season the dish with an emulsion of oil and lemon. THU the complete recipe.

Timbale of eggplant and bulgur

You can prepare this timbale of eggplant and bulgur as a dish to be served hot or at room temperature. To prepare this vegetarian recipe grilled aubergines were used to make the dish lighter and healthier, but it is also possible to fry them in boiling oil for a more appetizing result. Here you will find the complete recipe to follow step by step.

Bulgur veggie burgers

To prepare vegetarian bulgur burgers in complete calm, even by dividing the process into various steps, the burgers can be cooked in advance and enjoyed both hot and at room temperature. Therefore perfect to be eaten even outside the home and to fill vegetarian sandwiches. Here is the complete recipe to follow step by step.

Eggplant stuffed with bulgur

Bulgur is a perfect ingredient to combine with vegetable and vegetable filling. For example, you can use aubergines. You can combine the bulgur with red peppers to be roasted, toasted and chopped walnuts, diced goat cheese, or tofu. Cook the stuffed eggplant with bulgur in the oven. THU the complete recipe.

Turmeric bulgur with agretti

Here is a special and very decorative dish that you can prepare with bulgur turmeric and agretti. You can make this dish with a few simple ingredients and complete with the addition of walnut kernels and sesame seeds. THU the complete recipe.

Bulgur salad with chickpeas and avocado


The Brussels sprout makes the preparation of bulgur even more exotic thanks to the choice ofavocado as a main ingredient for seasoning. The taste of avocado goes very well with that of chickpeas and will make your dish truly original. THU the complete recipe.

Pumpkin stuffed with bulgur


The Labna Amore in Cucina recipe blog offers a really interesting dish. This is the pumpkin stuffed with bulgur, with the addition of peppers, fresh spinach and quartirolo. Before preparing the filling, you will need to cook the pumpkin to soften it. THU complete blackmail.

Zucchini stuffed with bulgur


Bulgur will also be great for making stuffing of the classics Baked zucchini. To enrich them you will also need onions, thyme, black olives and capers, as suggested by the blog Mint and Licorice. You will get a really tasty dish, to be served as a main course or side dish. THU the complete recipe.

Bulgur meatballs

We offer a very special recipe to prepare tasty bulgur meatballs. A quick and easy recipe based on bulgur and egg-free potatoes that can be served as a main course accompanied by seasonal vegetables. Here the complete recipe.

Tomatoes stuffed with bulgur

And finally, here is an idea for using bulgur in the preparation of stuffed tomatoes. It will be a perfect ingredient to prepare this dish, after the classic cooking in water or vegetable broth. Here the complete recipe.

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