Buckwheat: 10 Easy Recipes To Try

Il buckwheat from a botanical point of view it is not a real cereal but in the kitchen we can use it just as if it were, starting from its grains. We learn to cook the Saracen way in so many different ways.

In the kitchen the buckwheat it is a valuable aid for preparing dishes gluten free, as it is naturally gluten-free. We can choose buckwheat as an ingredient for our first courses, for example for soups, but also for second courses. In fact, buckwheat is perfect for preparing burgers and croquettes at home.

With buckwheat you can make various types of dishes, for example following vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free recipes. Here is a collection of recipes with buckwheat which will be very useful for you to experiment with new dishes in the kitchen.


Buckwheat, recipe with vegetable soup

Buckwheat: 10 Easy Recipes To Try

: The garlic clove

With buckwheat you can prepare tasty vegetable soups, light and also suitable for those who cannot take gluten. Among the vegetables to add to your soups, you can choose carrots, celery and potatoes. THU recipe.

Buckwheat, recipe with chickpeas and broccoli

Buckwheat: 10 Easy Recipes To Try

: A nutritionist in the kitchen

With boiled chickpeas, Sicilian broccoli and lo ginger grated, you can prepare a tasty dressing for a first course based on buckwheat, to be flavored with extra virgin olive oil and low-fat yogurt. THU recipe.

Tofu and buckwheat salad

Buckwheat: 10 Easy Recipes To Try

With buckwheat you can prepare a great salad, with the addition of tofu, cherry tomatoes and basil, it can be served as a cold first course in summer or as an appetizer all year round with the addition of seasonal ingredients. Here the recipe.

Gluten-free pasta dish with buckwheat

Buckwheat: 10 Easy Recipes To Try

: Strong dish

If you are looking for an alternative recipe to the traditional pastiera because you are intolerant to gluten, you can replace the wheat used for the filling with buckwheat, which is naturally gluten-free. THU recipe.

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Buckwheat meatballs

Buckwheat: 10 Easy Recipes To Try

: My Cooking Idea

You can choose buckwheat as an ingredient to prepare vegetarian or vegan meatballs homemade, combining it with vegetables or legumes. THU e here find two interesting recipes to take inspiration from.

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Buckwheat burger

Buckwheat: 10 Easy Recipes To Try

: A cat in the kitchen

Choose buckwheat to prepare your burgers based on cereals, vegetables and legumes at home. For example, you can prepare some buckwheat burger and chickpeas, or buckwheat and lentils. THU a recipe from which to take inspiration.

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Cauliflower flan with buckwheat

Buckwheat: 10 Easy Recipes To Try

: Cook Now

Buckwheat, cauliflower, nuts, wholemeal flour, tofu, soy sauce and extra virgin olive oil are the simple ingredients with which you can prepare one shapeless really unusual to impress your guests. THU recipe.

Baked buckwheat recipe

Buckwheat: 10 Easy Recipes To Try

: La Biolca

Prepare baked buckwheat, here's another tip for cooking this delicious gluten-free cereal. You can combine buckwheat grains with your favorite seasonal vegetables. THU the recipe to follow.

Savory buckwheat pancakes

Buckwheat: 10 Easy Recipes To Try

: Very good

Did you know that buckwheat is a filling suitable for preparing homemade savory pancakes? You can add broccoli or other seasonal vegetables to the ingredients for the filling of your buckwheat pancakes. THU recipe.

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Buckwheat with artichokes and olives

Buckwheat: 10 Easy Recipes To Try

: The Gaia Celiaca

If you love i artichokes you cannot miss the combination with buckwheat. You will get a hot first course or a really good buckwheat salad. Then get to work to enjoy this new delicacy. THU the recipe from which to draw inspiration.

You have others recipes with buckwheat to suggest?

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