Brown sugar: what you need to know to buy the right one

    Brown sugar: what you need to know to buy the right one

    Many consume it sugar cane thinking it is a healthier food than white sugar and even endowed with beneficial properties. But is this really the case? Let's clarify with Luca Speciani, doctor and nutritionist in Oreno di Vimercate (Monza and Brianza).

    The raw one is refined

    Most of the sugar cane on the market it is accompanied by the wording "raw", which could suggest an unrefined product.

    "Instead, just like ordinary sugar, it undergoes industrial processes to lighten it, make the grains homogeneous and improve its taste. Calories, glycemic index and impact on the body are the same.

    The amber color is due to residues of molasses or a synthetic dye, ammonia caramel (E150), the presence of which must be indicated on the package », says our expert.

    Puta on the whole, more natural

    How to recognize it then sugar cane quality? "This is what the "integral" claim presents: it means that it is a food unrefined. It can be bought in the most well-stocked supermarkets, organic and fair trade shops.

    The wording relating to the type of sugar provides further confirmation: Demerara and Golden Caster are raw, while Panela and Mascavo are whole.

    Compared to the "raw" one, thewholemeal is dark with more or less intense shades, the grains are large, irregular, a little sticky and melt slowly. The flavor is reminiscent of that of licorice and it is less sweet than white sugar, ”says Speciani.

    The risk of abusing it

    Not being refined, it does whole cane sugar retains the plant nutrients and has fewer calories: "There are minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, fluorine and magnesium as well as vitamins A, group B and vitamin C.

    But, it should be emphasized, this does not mean that it can be abused because it is in any case a sugar that, as such, impacts on blood sugar, is pro-inflammatory and gets used to the sweet taste, creating addiction. Among other things, since it sweetens less, there is the risk of using much more»Concludes Dr. Speciani.

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