Brown or white sugar? Which one to use

Brown or white sugar? Which one to use

Now let's see how it is obtained starting from beetroot or sugar cane to the final product.


Refined white sugar

The sugary juice from the first phase of beet or sugar cane processing undergoes complex industrial transformations:

first it is purified with lime milk which causes the loss and destruction of organic substances, proteins, enzymes and calcium salts;

then, to remove excess lime, the sugary juice is treated with carbon dioxide.

The product then still undergoes a treatment with sulphurous acid to eliminate the dark color. It is then subjected to cooking, cooling, crystallization and centrifugation. So it comes to raw sugar.

From here we move on to the second processing phase: the sugar is filtered and decoloured with animal charcoal and then, to eliminate the last yellowish reflections, it is colored with ultramarine blue or hydanthrene blue (coming from tar and therefore carcinogenic). The final product is a white crystalline substance that no longer has anything to do with the rich, sugary starting juice.


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Raw cane sugar

it is obtained directly from the juice extracted from the crushed canes through artisanal operations (therefore without the use of chemicals).

In addition, it often comes from organic or integrated crops (if so, the wording should be on the label), has a grainy or powdery texture, never crystalline.

Finally let's try to understand what happens to our body when we ingest refined sugar.

In order to be assimilated and digested, white sugar steals from our body vitamins and mineral salts, initially present and then eliminated through refining (in particular Calcium and Chromium), to at least partially reconstitute that harmony of elements destroyed by refining .

What causes toxic white sugar in the intestine?

It causes fermentation processes with gas production e abdominal tension e the alteration of the bacterial flora with all the consequences that this entails (colitis, constipation, diarrhea, formation and absorption of toxic substances, etc.).

In this regard you have certainly noticed the annoying sense of swelling e heaviness which is felt after eating elaborate sweets, rich in sugar.

This is caused by the rapid and violent absorption blood sugar that does to go up the so-called glycemia.

Faced with this sudden rise, the pancreas responds by introducing insulin into the blood and this causes a sudden drop in the glycemic rate called "hypoglycemic crisis" characterized by a state of malaise, sweating, irritability, aggression, weakness, the need to eat to feel again up in tone.

The consequence of this fall in sugars is the release into the circulation, by the body, of other hormones designed to raise blood sugar, including adrenaline which is the hormone of aggression, defense, tension.

We can well understand how these continuous hormonal "stresses" with their psychophysical implications lead to a depletion of energy with the weakening of the whole organism.

This has been amply verified by studies conducted in the United States where violence and aggression in children, also related to the type of diet and refined foods and sugars, have created alarm and concern for all the social consequences that they cause.

White sugar has a big influence on both the nervous system and the metabolism, creating first stimulation then depression with consequent states of irritability, false euphoria, the need to take more sugar, etc. In reality it creates a real form of addiction, as is the case with drugs or nicotine.

In the long run, one of the most affected systems is the immune system, since the exhaustion of forces and energies translates into a lower capacity to respond to external aggressions and a tendency to get sick. When we eat 50 gr. of white sugar, the phagocytic capacity of white blood cells is reduced by 76% and this decrease in the defense system lasts about 7 hours.


The serious diseases that afflict humanity today (cancer, AIDS, sclerosis, autoimmune diseases, etc.) arise precisely from a weakening of the immune system for which white sugar and refined nutrition are jointly responsible.

The absence of vitamin and protein substrates, caused by the refining activity, imposes on our organism the need to consume its own for the splitting of sugar; this creates molecules of ac. Pyruvic in excess, which acidify the blood; Forced acidification creates a "buffer" condition, whereby the body begins to subtract calcium from the main sources such as teeth and bones, in an attempt to block excessive acid metabolism, so that the main substrate of the bones and teeth, condemning him to osteoporosis. It has been widely verified that the populations not reached by the so-called "white civilization" are not subject to tooth decay or other diseases of the teeth. With the arrival of whites and their refined food products (sugar, sweets, alcohol, bread), the aborigines of Australia, the Maori of New Zealand, the Indians of Peru and Amazonia, the Indians of North America etc. they too have begun to suffer from the same diseases as whites and to fill the dental and medical clinics of their "civilizers"; the incidence of caries, which was previously a disease completely unknown to them, has come to affect up to 100% of individuals in these populations.

The damages of the "delicious white poison" are many others and at all levels: for example circulatory (with the increase of cholesterol and damage to the arteries), hepatic, pancreatic (since the organ that manages sugars is the pancreas ), weight (with weight gain and obesity), cutaneous.

Almost all of these diseases could be prevented by replacing white sugar with virgin whole cane sugar or with honey, always virgin whole.

Fructose, honey, molasses and "real" cane sugar can be used as a substitute for refined white sugar. I say true because someone has come to lightly toast the white sugar in order to give it a browning that makes it look like brown sugar. It must also be considered that the two spoonfuls of sugar in the coffee do not harm anyone; sugar becomes dangerous when you take a lot of it, for example by having a dessert after eating and so on. Therefore, one should first try to reduce their consumption. The consumption of sugar, as explained above, in recent decades has been increasing dramatically. This, unfortunately, has caused the habit of sweet taste, a habit as harmful as that of smoking or spirits.


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