Bromelain effective against cellulite?

Bromelain effective against cellulite?

Bromelain: what it is

Enizmas are used to break down proteins into simpler substances, amino acids, necessary for the synthesis of proteins that form the body, and for the production of energy.

La bromelina it consists of proteolytic enzymes of vegetable origin, including in particular the enzyme cysteine ​​proteinase, capable of contributing to the breakdown of proteins, introduced with food, into amino acids.

Bromelain can be synthesized in the laboratory, or it derives directly from plant sources found in nature.

The greatest content of bromelain it is found in the stem of the pineapple, in the pulp and to a lesser extent also in the fresh juice.


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Bromelain: is it effective against cellulite?

Due to its clinical properties, bromelain has proved effective, come fitocomplesso, nel supporto delle funzioni digestive, nell stati infiammatori, come antiaggregante piastrinico, nella stimolazione della circolazione sanguigna, nella regolazione della concentrazione di colesterolo nel sangue, e in the medical and aesthetic treatment of cellulite.

La cellulitis it is much more than a simple imperfection: the causes that contribute to the formation of the pads and of the orange peel skin also lead to an inflammatory process of the subcutaneous soft tissues and of the skin.

Bromelain also acts as analgesic, counteracts the formation of edema and blood clots. Thanks to this, its action is also directed on cellulite, he foods containing bromelain they are therefore useful allies against the disease, both in advanced stages and in the mildest cases of simple imperfection.

By improving the circulation allows to reabsorb water retention and inflammation associated with the cellular alteration of the affected adipocytes, especially when cellulite is painful to the touch and associated with insufficiency of disposal of toxins by the lymphatic circulation.

Bromelain intakefinally, it allows to improve the skin trophism, improving theappearance and tone of the skin, also a victim ofinflammation resulting from cellulite.

Get bromelain through food it is the best way to ensure the right amount of associated nutrients.

In fact, nature allows not only the active ingredient to be available, but also a corollary of nutrients able to interact synergistically and enhance the effect of the particular enzyme or set of enzymes.

Pineapple is easily found, and eating an optimal amount (two slices may suffice) every day is easy.

Alternatively, there are bromelain-based supplements: it is advisable to choose those deriving from the stem of theananas and not chemically synthesized ones. In this case the dosage varies from product to product.

Le contraindications they involve taking blood thinning medications, and irritable stomach and bowels or ulcers.

To enhance the effect of bromelain, other therapies can be associated: manual lymphatic massage and tecar therapy, give excellent results and allow to dispose of the toxins mobilized through the intake of bromelain faster.


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