Broccoli your hometown: 10 recipes to enjoy it at its best

Il broccoli your hometown - also known as broccoli your city, kale or selvedge cabbage - is a vegetable of the cruciferous family and a variety of the broccoli cabbage. What strikes our gaze is its bright green color and its own perfect geometrya, a real mathematical miracle, based on fractals and the famous Fibonacci sequence.

Its spiral-arranged rosettes are repeated regularly to form the main part of the vegetable. From the web, here are many recipes to better enjoy broccoli your city of origin, a delicious masterpiece of nature.


Pasta with green cabbage, leeks and turmeric

natula your citynia

From the blog Natula your city, here is one of the simplest ways to enjoy broccoli in your hometown. It is a matter of choosing it as seasoning for pasta, to combine with leeks and turmeric. A green cabbage will be enough for you to prepare rich pasta dishes for 4 people. Add a pinch of pepper to the turmeric, to make it more easily assimilated by our body. Here the complete recipe.

Quiche with broccoli your city

The blog Of Pasta In Pasta It offers a vegetarian recipe to prepare a broccoli quiche your hometown very rich, thanks to the addition of homemade béchamel to create the filling. Even the shortcrust pastry for the quiche base is completely handmade, starting from the raw materials. THU the complete recipe.

Spelled with broccoli your hometown

Broccoli la your cittànesco is a perfect ingredient to prepare a dish based on spelled. Spelled with broccoli your city, a typical autumn recipe is a perfect dish to be served hot or even lukewarm, perfect to be also eaten away from home because it always remains al dente. Here the complete recipe.

Velvety broccoli your citynesco with chilli

The blog Anita's Spoon suggests how to prepare one cream of broccoli your hometown flavored with dried chilli. You will have to clean the broccoli and brown it in a pan with the garlic and chilli. Then add a few ladles of broth to bring all the ingredients to cooking. THU the complete recipe.

Risotto with broccoli your hometown

You can use broccoli your city of origin as a seasonal condiment not only for your pasta dishes, but also for risotto. You can prepare a risotto with broccoli your hometown in a vegetarian or vegan version, adding diced tofu, seitan or diced cheese to the ingredients. Here the recipe of the blog Vado In Cucina, which you can inspire yourself.

Broccoli cream your city with croutons

You can prepare an excellent one broccoli cream your hometown, to be accompanied with gods homemade croutons. To enrich the cream, the blog Una Donna suggests adding spreadable cheese among the ingredients. To prepare your croutons, you can use bread loaf or, even better, homemade bread. Here the complete recipe.

Broccoli flan your city

These broccoli flans are your hometown ideal solution for make children appreciate vegetables. They are like gods vegetable burgers and you can give them a nice round shape with the pastry cutter, as the blog suggests Monday. You can add green broccoli to broccoli your city. THU the complete recipe.

Vegan meatballs with broccoli your hometown

To prepare these meatballs with broccoli your hometown (which you can use instead of the common green broccoli) in the vegan version, you will have to steam the main ingredients. In this way you can easily work them to obtain a dough with which to shape your vegan meatballs, which you can enrich with almond flour. THU the recipe of Vegan blog to which you can inspire.

Lasagna with broccoli your city

The goodsense proposes a very interesting recipe to prepare some homemade lasagna to broccoli your city It is a vegetarian dish. You can therefore prepare the béchamel as per tradition. Enrich your homemade lasagna with fontina cheese and grated parmesan. Here the complete recipe.

Sardinian fregola with broccoli your hometown

And finally, a "fusion" recipe e vegan. Shots of Taste explains how to prepare a truly original dish, based on Sardinian fregola and broccoli your city starts. To enrich your preparation you can use carrots, garlic, chilli and miso. Excellent carrot sticks will be perfect for decorating fregola. THU the complete recipe.


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