Broccoli and other cancer prevention foods

Broccoli and other cancer prevention foods

Foods rich in minerals, vitamins and fibers are ideal for preventive action.

The main food in the fight against cancer is broccoli: The chemical compound present in broccoli could provide a new option for the treatment of cancer, particularly advanced prostate cancer. Here because.


Broccoli among the anti-cancer foods

Broccoli is frequently among the foods reported to aid in cancer prevention. According to the research conducted by a professor at the Texas A&M Health Science Center Institute of Biosciences and Technology (IBT) in Houston, it was highlighted that the sulforaphane, an isothiocyanate naturally present in broccoli, can be used to treat advanced prostate cancer: "There is significant evidence that cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, can help prevent cancer. Whenever possible it would be preferable. eat raw vegetables ".

An essential mineral found in broccoli and other foods can help fight the prostate cancer. According to researchers from the University of Copenhagen, i compounds containing selenium they can help the body fight certain types of cancer, including prostate cancer.

Selenium is an essential mineral found in numerous foods that are part of the normal diet, such as vegetables and nuts, and fish such as salmon, tuna and cod.


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Proper nutrition for cancer prevention

Proper nutrition, which induces a favor the consumption of fruit, vegetables and whole grains and to reduce that of red meat and foods rich in unsaturated fats, it remains one of our best allies in the prevention of prostate cancer and other types of neoplasms.

Foods to avoid are sausages and saturated fats of animal origin, grilled red meats, cheeses and fried because of the synthetic hormones given to animals to fatten them, other harmful foods are spirits.

So green light for broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Roman broccoli, turnip greens.


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