Broad beans: 10 recipes to enjoy them at their best

If you love them Fava beans, maybe you are looking for recipes and ideas to best use them as ingredients for your dishes. Broad beans are gods vegetable rich in vegetable proteins and fibers, low in fats and a source of precious minerals and vitamins. You can use them to prepare falafel according to the traditional recipe, as a condiment for pasta or rice and more. Here are ten for you recipes with broad beans to inspire you.


Venere rice with asparagus cream and fresh broad beans

Venere rice with cream of asparagus and broad beans is a typically spring dish, you can divide the preparation into several phases but the result will be that of a light, tasty first course and also suitable for those suffering from celiac disease. Here the complete recipe.

Spring salad of legumes with broad beans and lupins

Without cooking, this spring salad of legumes with broad beans and lupins is easily prepared in a few minutes and is perfect for the first warm spring days. Here is the recipe to follow.

Falafel in fave

I falafel in fave they are excellent croquettes that you can prepare with broad beans, or alternatively with chickpeas. In some versions of falafel, both ingredients are present. Just shell some fresh broad beans and proceed as indicated here in our recipe.

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Broad bean pesto

You may never have thought about it, but broad beans are a perfect ingredient to make a alternative pesto to dress pasta or to spread on bread. You just need to have fresh beans already cleaned, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, fresh mint leaves and, if you want, a clove of garlic, as suggested by the Verde Cardamomo blog. Here the complete recipe.

Rice and broad bean pie

With the beans you can prepare an excellent rice cake. You will need to cook the beans and rice separately. You will blend the beans to obtain a puree and then combine the two ingredients to create your pie. You will enrich it with almonds, thyme and bechamel, even in the vegan version. THU the complete recipe.


Mashed fava beans

You can prepare the mashed beans starting with fresh broad beans, but the traditional Apulian recipe involves using dried broad beans. The advice is to prefer fresh broad beans when they are in season. You can serve the fava bean puree as a side dish or accompany it with other vegetables or herbs of your choice. Here the complete recipe.

Sicilian bean soup

Il maccuthe macco, it's a bean soup crushed typical of your city. To prepare it you will need half a kilo of dried broad beans and two large and ripe tomatoes, an onion and extra virgin olive oil. The ingredients list is really small, but the result will be delicious. THU the complete recipe.

Spelled and broad bean soup


With two typical ingredients of the peasant tradition, broad beans and spelled, you can prepare an excellent soup to be enriched with tomato sauce, carrots, onions, bay leaves, rosemary and celery, as suggested by the Pane blog. Butter and Anchovies. THU the complete recipe of the farro and broad bean soup.

Risotto with broad beans

Fresh broad beans are an excellent ingredient for the preparation of risotto. Among the other ingredients you will need extra virgin olive oil, chopped onion or garlic, and grated Parmesan. To cook the risotto we suggest preparing a good homemade vegetable broth. THU the complete recipe of the broad bean risotto.

Spaghetti with fresh broad beans

You can dress the classic spaghetti with fresh broad beans, or with a puree of crushed broad beans, as suggested by the blog Mani, Amore e Fantasia, which takes up a recipe of the Sicilian tradition. You can prepare the sauce for the pasta starting from the fresh fava beans. THU the complete recipe.

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