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Bring love into your life

Last update: 30 September, 2015

“True love is selfless and knows no fear of any kind. He pours out on the object of his affection without asking for anything in return. His joy is the joy of giving. " (Florence Scovel)

Love is one of the strongest emotions a human being can feel. This feeling fills us with a positive energy that makes everything flow more freely.

Have you ever been desperately looking for a perfect match for you? Is your greatest aspiration to feel complete together with the person who will give light to your days? Maybe right now you think you'll never make it, but you don't have to despair.

Stop living in fairy tales

“Better a cruel truth
of a comfortable illusion. "

(Edward Paul Abbey)

We grew up surrounded by fairy tales and stories with a happy ending, which often end with the perfect meeting between the prince and princess.. Reality is much more complex than fairy tales, and that's why it's time to stop dreaming.

Love will peep into your life, that's for sure, but you have to learn to see it. You are a human being, your partner will be a human being, and neither of you will be perfect. What you have to look for is someone with whom you are compatible, stop waiting for the prince charming knocks on your door: go out and look for him!

It is important to be realistic in your research. You cannot wait for the perfect person all your life, simply because he does not exist. Rather, look for someone who fits you well, and what you want for the future.

Be careful who you are close to

Perhaps you are sure that there is no one in your circle of acquaintance that interests you. In that case, go out and find him. And we're not just talking about dating sites, although they can work. The best thing is to start taking a class or activity that interests you, has fun and gives you a good time. It can be yoga, painting, a cooking class, or anything else.

You will see that people who take the same course as you will have similar interests to yours. You will start at an advantage because you will have some things in common, so you just need to understand if someone is also compatible with the rest of your expectations. What must be avoided is to "go hunting". Instead, focus on making friends with your classmates, socializing and having fun.

Show yourself for who you are

“Appearance is the closest there is to falsehood
and, consequently, to loneliness ".


Do you feel that you always end up hanging out with the wrong people? It's a more common problem than you can imagine, and it often happens when we get the wrong idea of ​​ourselves. Make sure you get dressed and to act more naturally. Don't try to impress others or get noticed by wearing clothes that are different from your style.

Whoever looks at you must know you and appreciate you for who you are. Also don't forget that the first impression is very important, you probably analyze others too. You have to think that if your relationship with that person lasts, sooner or later she will really see you for who you are, and if she doesn't like this "new version" of you, problems will arise. Whoever loves you will love you for who you are.

Be honest

Make your views clear from the start. You must say no when you deem it necessary. The person who is getting to know you and who wants to become part of your life must be clear about your tastes, what makes you laugh and what makes you feel bad. You don't have to be complacent in the beginning or you will make hell at the end.

Sincerity must be your most precious weapon. Don't base the beginning of a relationship on Lies, secrets or half truths. It's simple: if you lie to the other person, your relationship will be a lie. Always express what you feel and trust each other to create a stable and secure relationship. If there are no unnecessary worries in between, you will have more time to be happy together.

Falling in love is a journey

Don't be obsessed with the pursuit of love. It is a time-consuming journey during which you will get to know each other, you will be wrong, you will certainly be hurt and yet the reward will be worth it, and all the experiences will prepare you for your final relationship. For now, have fun, meet new people and deepen the relationship with those you already have next to.

“True love is nothing else
that the inevitable desire to help each other
to be himself ".

(Jorge Bucay)

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