Bring in people who bring you something

Easy to say. It is more complicated to put it into practice because every day we meet people who, like it or not, share part of our life, even if it is only a few hours. This time is more than enough for these people to infect us with their pessimistic, catastrophic or discouraging thoughts. Obviously, we cannot avoid these people, we cannot turn into hermits, but we can limit their access to our life.

Nurture your friendships as you would a garden you love

Nobody wants to have people on their side who threaten them personal growth. Everyone wants to surround themselves with people who contribute something, with whom to share positive experiences. Obviously, we must keep in mind that interpersonal relationships are not totally good or bad. There will always be times when a person can negatively affect our well-being and others when they will compensate us abundantly.No one is totally bad or good, but we must always be careful to avoid unnecessary emotional damage. Therefore, we might begin to think of our relationships as if they were a garden. In the garden there will always be weeds that need to be eradicated, and there are plants that, however beautiful, do not fit the style or space of our garden. Of course, this is not about judging people or assuming an arrogant and contemptuous attitude. , but only to mature and learn to choose our friends wisely. There are wonderful people who simply do not adapt to us because they do not share our philosophy of life, or because they make us deviate too much of our essence. Nor must it be all harmony and peace, because even from conflicts we learn something; we grow and enrich ourselves thanks to opinions different from ours. When we refer to people who bring something to our life we ​​are talking about people who: - Love us when we least deserve it, because they are aware that it is when we need it most - They support us when everyone says our project is crazy - They don't tell us what we want to hear, but what we need to hear, in order to help us recognize our mistakes - They do not criticize us, but they help us to bring out the best in ourselves - They do not fill us with stereotypes, but they help us to open up our minds

Who are the people who take away?

The people who take away are the ones who tear apart our self-esteem, who always have a problem for every solution, the ones who always have criticism ready, whatever we do, and who instill fear and uncertainty. worse than us, because through their attitudes they promote indecision, stillness and fear.The people who take away are rigid in their attitudes, leave no room for error and stand as judges of our life, in such a way that, instead of feeling unique and special, you feel small and inadequate. The people who take away are the ones who suck your energy, who infect you with their pessimism and prevent you from growing.

10 keys to becoming a person who brings something to the lives of others

1. Make the person around you feel special2. Help him find solutions, don't add worries 3. Challenge his stereotypes, broaden his perspective4. Always give him a surprise that makes him smile happily5. Put him down when he needs it most, especially when others turn their backs on him6. Give him confidence and confidence when his world is about to collapse7. Feed your dreams and illusions, don't stifle them8. Encourage him to be authentic, and make him feel that you accept him for who he is9. Share with him what you have learned, enrich his world10. Emotionally connect with him from your essence
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