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    Breathing techniques: rediscover well-being with a breath

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    Regaining motivation, focus and inner calm can be as simple as breathing. An article with 3 practical breathing techniques to be applied every day.

    "When we release our breath, we release our tensions."

    Gay Hendricks.

    Breathing is at the same time the most natural and most powerful gesture we make every day. Like an invisible thread, the breath indissolubly binds our mind and body and is able to deeply influence both.

    I want to take advantage of this post to tell you about 3 simple ones breathing techniques useful to recharge you with energy, to regain concentration and to eliminate stress:

    1. A breath to charge yourself

    Sports activity is one of the best ways to start your day. Getting your body back in motion after a restful sleep gives you energy, motivation and a good mood, but above all it is the easiest way to take care of your health day after day.

    There are dozens of workouts you can start your morning with, but few are as effective as the breathwalking.

    Breathwalking combines two of our most natural gestures: walking and breathing. By properly synchronizing our walking and breathing, we can obtain numerous benefits, including:

    • a higher level of energy.
    • better control of our mood.
    • a noticeable increase in mental clarity.

    Here's a simple one breathwalking exercise:

    • Start walking until you find a comfortable pace.
    • Take four short consecutive inhalations, synchronizing them with your walk.
    • Take four consecutive short exhalations, synchronizing them with your walk.
    • Repeat for no more than 5 minutes.

    You can limit your morning workout to this short exercise or you can use it in preparation for your running session. You will immediately notice the positive effects: a slight sense of euphoria, greater creativity and motivation. Seeing is believing, we are all able to walk and breathe.

    2. A breath to focus

    Breathing is also one of the best concentration techniques e meditation. Shifting your focus to the rhythmic movement of your breath helps you clear your mind, allowing you to achieve greater concentration. Try using the following breathing technique before a study session.

    For at least 5 minutes, let your mind focus on inspiration and exhalation only. When other thoughts arise, try to observe them in a detached way, slowly returning to focus only on your breath.

    This simple exercise allows your brain to reach a state of increased concentration, which is particularly useful for learning and memorization.

    3. A breath to relax

    Proper breathing can profoundly affect our mood. Several relaxation techniques they are based on breathing exercises.

    In my opinion, the most effective breathing technique for eliminate stress is the technique known as diaphragmatic breathing.

    Here's how to apply the diaphragmatic breathing technique:

    • Sit in a quiet area (the lotus position is not necessary).
    • Place your right hand on your abdomen and the left on your chest.
    • Start breathing slowly and with deep breaths.
    • Check that your right hand follows the movement of your abdomen as you inhale and exhale, while your left hand remains immobile as well as your chest.

    It will take you 5-10 minutes of diaphragmatic breathing for eliminate tensions and enjoy one pleasant feeling of well-being.

    Unlike what it might seem, diaphragmatic breathing is not a weird oriental relaxation technique, but on the contrary it is useful for re-educating our body to breathe in the way it was “designed”: with the diaphragm.

    Try to focus on diaphragmatic breathing several times during the day: in the subway, while you are working, in front of the TV. Turn abdominal breathing into a natural gesture: the benefits will surprise you.

    What do you think? You're a little skeptical of these breathing techniques? Well… take a deep breath, practice one of the techniques I told you about and… tell me how it went in the comments.

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