Breast milk flavored vegan lollipop

    Breast milk flavored lollipops, but vegan. Did the world need it? Difficult to answer, the fact is that this is the product that Lollyphile, a lollipop company based in Texas, recently made its debut, adding the new, unusual and ancestral taste, which is already making talk, and not a little, all pro-vegan media, at its range.

    Despite the taste, in reality, there is no trace of real mother's milk inside: the lollipop is 100% vegan. But how, then, did they manage to recreate the taste? How do they make sure it's similar to mom's milk? It is easy to say: a real one team of tasters tested multiple batches of breast milk donated by some new mothers, finding that the best breast milk tasted sweet, almond-like, which was then recreated for the new candy.

    “Suddenly a lot of our friends had babies. And since some of us are pastry chefs, we thought it was our responsibility to find out what flavor it was capable ofto transform a furious child into a placid and happy doll. Surely the flavor must be heavenly, right? We are infinitely grateful to all the moms who shared their breast milk with our flavor specialists until we were able to recreate it in candy ", writes the company.

    Breast milk flavored vegan lollipop

    For Lollyphile, the lollipops don't bring back to our childhood memories and they bring up our animal instincts, because they most likely have "the most intrinsically satisfying flavor of all time". Breast milk lollipops, which complement a wide range of quirky flavors like chocolate Tequila, Sriracha, wasabi, ginger, and more, cost $ 10 for a 4-pack. Are you curious to try them? It is rumored that they are limited edition ...

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