Books to overcome a breakup

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Books to overcome a breakup

Breakup books contain no magic formulas or absolute answers. They can be a great compass for people who are going through this difficult time.

Last update: May 12, 2022

Books are not only good company, but they also offer deep comfort in difficult times. There are works that are useful in complex situations because they provide the answers we are looking for. Between these we remember books to overcome a breakup.

What can these texts offer us? In short, they help to better accept what happened, to draw the necessary conclusions and offer various clues on the way to take.

Most of these volumes were written by subject matter experts or by people who have experienced a breakup firsthand and been through it.

“Reading a good book is an incessant dialogue in which the book speaks and the soul responds”.

-André Maurois-

Books to overcome a breakup

1. If it hurts, it's not worth it

This book by Walter Riso addresses one of the reasons that often lies behind the difficulty of accepting the breakup: emotional dependence. It is not uncommon for a relationship to be sought and established only to conceal the underlying problems with oneself.

When that happens, the breakup is much more difficult to assimilate and there is a great risk that everything will turn into pathological mourning. Walter Riso helps to understand if you are in a similar situation; if not, he offers valuable advice for managing the loss.

2. Mangia, preach, love

A classic then brought to the big screen. With a distinctive style, author Elizabeth Gilbert shapes a playful and dynamic work, as well as rich in content. A book to read in one breath.

An autobiographical text whose common thread is the personal evolution of the author. It describes step by step the taste of disappointment and frustration; emotions that are transformed when you accept reality and start looking inside yourself. His message of hope is indispensable for a moment in one's life when everything seems too fleeting.

3. Books to overcome a breakup: Love in the time of cholera

One of the classics of the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez and of literature in general. In this novel the reader does not find advice or ideas on how to deal with specific situations, but rather a fabulous description of all possible forms of love. It also invites us to reflect on how important individual differences are in order to understand, form and consolidate bonds.

Love in the time of cholera is the romantic novel par excellence. At the same time, a work full of contrasts, which passes in a few words from absurd to lucidity. This book reveals the truth through fiction.


The list of books to overcome a breakup is much longer. However, if you are looking for a resource to help you through this difficult time, the three texts presented in this article offer the ideal space for the necessary reflection and emotional management after the end of a story.

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