Books on self-esteem: the best 6 to make it soar

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Books on self-esteem that can change our lives.

The core of your personality is self-esteem, "how much you like yourself". The more you like and respect yourself, the better you will do in whatever you want to undertake.

Brian Tracy

Self-esteem is certainly one of the pillars of personal growth recognized and accepted by all.

Living with low self-esteem means struggling with fears, insecurities and indecisions every day that make us perceive our complicated and difficult life.

I have written many articles dedicated to self-esteem (click here to find the complete list) and today we will see a small list of the best books to increase it.

If you do not find a particular book, it is likely that I do not consider it really useful, as you will see in fact the list is very limited: I have tried to select only the self-esteem books that can have a real impact over U.S.

Some texts might seem unrelated to the self-esteem theme, but as we will see it is not only books full of notions that are useful, often unsuspected texts make the difference.

5 quick tips for reading self-esteem books

Before finding out what the best books for self-esteem I want to give you 5 quick tips to make the most of these texts.

  1. Go slowly to have time to absorb the concepts and apply the strategies you will read
  2. Make an iron bargain with yourself and decide that you will truly apply yourself while reading
  3. Squeeze the book to the max by re-reading it several times and pinning down the most interesting parts
  4. If the text foresees it, always carry out the exercises that the author has prepared for you
  5. Keep an open mind and let go of prejudices about your self-esteem - give yourself permission to change

Now you are ready to find out which books on self-esteem I recommend you read.

6 books on self-esteem that are really effective for boosting self-confidence

# 1 Quiet. The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking

Quiet by Susan Cain is the reference text for all introverts in the world: if you are interested in the topic, I strongly recommend that you read the article dedicated to the advantages of being an introvert.

In fact, we must know that being introverted does not mean having low self-esteem, much less being shy or insecure.

Before looking for the culprit of our low self-esteem it is best to understand these fundamental differences well and Susan's book exposes them brilliantly.

# 2 The 6 pillars of self-esteem

This text by Nathaniel Branden is one of cornerstones of self-esteem.

According to the author, there are 6 pillars of our self-esteem.

  1. The practice of living consciously
  2. The practice of self-acceptance
  3. The practice of the sense of responsibility
  4. The practice of self-affirmation
  5. The practice of giving yourself a goal
  6. The practice of personal integrity

The text deepens and comprehensively examines every single point, helping us to better understand the mechanisms to be oiled to strengthen our self-confidence.

# 3 The Warrior of Light's Handbook

Do you know Paulo Coehlo's Warrior of Light Handbook?

If you've already read it, you may be wondering why I put such a text in the list of the best books on self-esteem.

Obviously because I also found it very useful for increasing self-confidence.

In particular, I find it interesting that you can open a page at random to find some motivation or an opportunity to reflect on yourself.

Coelho has his own way of find inspiration from even the most mundane things.

This ability has a lot to do with self-esteem.

In fact, by reading this book we can go deeper into the events of our life to evaluate them from a new perspective and to reach a new stage of awareness.

Awareness of ourselves which is in fact vital to work on the evaluation we give to our work.

# 4 Grit. The power of passion and perseverance

Grit is a great book on self-esteem which will make us understand (with continuous examples) that often what makes the difference is not the talents granted by birth but a constant, continuous and pressing desire to never give up.

If I asked you which factor between talent and grit is most important to being successful, you would probably quote me natural talent.

From an early age we have this fictional vision (but equally distorted) of talent.

We admire with a particular eye those who seem to be blessed with luck and who seem to possess natural gifts, but we appreciate much less those who without talent, but with a lot of determination, have achieved their goals.

Whether you have a lot of talents or not (many even think that talent doesn't even exist), this book will let you know that all you need to build self-esteem is grit.

# 5 Imperfect and happy

Imperfect and Happy is a self-esteem text that will lead us to traveling within ourselves to discover the root of our insecurities.

The author, Christophe André, is a Parisian psychiatrist specializing in the psychology of emotions.

Christophe will guide us to discover ourselves to overcome the fear of rejection, the anxiety of others' judgment and defeat.

Imperfect and happy it's definitely one of the best self-esteem books I've read.

# 6 Quick course of self-esteem to live better

If you are looking for a short, quick to read text, discursive and undemanding, this text is for you.

Let it be clear that this work alone is not enough to increase one's self-esteem permanently.

It is in fact a book on self-esteem that it openly wants to offer quick ideas and tips to live better.

If you've already read other texts and want to integrate your path with something fast, it can be a great purchase.

Are there any books on self-esteem missing?

If you've already researched self-esteem texts, you've probably noticed that I haven't cited a lot of books.

It's not a casuality.

Among the rankings of the large online bookstores, texts stand out that in my opinion do not offer real value to the reader, for this reason I have not named them in this list.

Also a book can take us a few steps forward, but if you want to invest in your self-esteem decisively I suggest you take a look at the LEA Method.

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