Bodyweight Exercises: The Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Bodyweight training has begun to take hold in the past couple of years, thanks in part to the growing development of applications and videos created to help plan training and show how to improve movement.


Not only is it an excellent method to tone the body, but it also helps it to always stay at its peak and healthy day after day thanks to the way it teaches to control its movements on different levels. Plus, the handstand is a great ace up your sleeve to show off at parties!


I try to avoid using the term "functional training" because I believe that something can be defined as functional only when it serves an end. However, the term is definitely applicable in this case for most people, as functional training helps strengthen core muscles and correct posture in a society that is a slave to the office desk and comfortable car journeys. too much time.


If you have seen someone attempting a handstand while assuming an incorrect position and without adequate muscle support, you will already know that it is impossible. Here then is a workout that literally anyone can perform to begin or continue on their way to the Olympus of gymnastics.


This workout not only contains great exercises that can be performed anywhere, but also makes it possible to transform them into more advanced exercises that can also be performed in the gym. The beauty of this workout is that it can be done anywhere there is room to move your arms, be it the park or your home.


You only need a step, a wall and a bar (if you can find it). The following workout focuses on movement progress, not weight lifted like a traditional gym workout. You can make the exercises more difficult by slowing down the movements or doing more continuous repetitions.



1. Pushups

Bodyweight Exercises: The Workout You Can Do Anywhere

A classic of bodyweight exercises, perfect for training arms, shoulders, pectorals and trunk. Try to keep your shoulder blades aligned and torso muscles tensed to keep your body straight from shoulders to ankles (or knees, if you're doing that kind of variation).

Keep your elbows towards your body so that your hands are directly under your shoulders.


2. Pistol Squat

Bodyweight Exercises: The Workout You Can Do Anywhere

It is a very difficult exercise to perform fluently, so here are some tips for perfecting it. First, start by climbing the step and positioning yourself to the side, then begin the movement by lowering the relaxed leg towards the floor.

Try to keep the knee supporting the weight above the toes and the pelvis straight, avoiding tilting it to the side. As you begin to get comfortable you can lift the leg you lower towards the floor to increase the intensity of the movement.


2. Handstand walks

Bodyweight Exercises: The Workout You Can Do Anywhere

One of the best bodyweight exercises to strengthen the shoulders and will help you to be able to perform a perfect handstand. Begin in a flexion position away from the wall. Walk back towards the wall using your hands to move back and up.

Try to reach as high as you can by keeping your core muscles tensed and pushing your head towards the wall rather than looking at the floor in front.


3. Bear Crawls

Bodyweight Exercises: The Workout You Can Do Anywhere

One of the best bodyweight exercises. You may need some space for this exercise, but you can also do it in a small space. Start by getting on all fours, keeping your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your pelvis.

Keep your torso muscles taut and lift your knees slightly while keeping your back parallel to the floor. Take a step forward by moving a hand and foot to the opposite side at the same time.

Keep doing this movement keeping your torso tense, and if you can also perform the same movement in reverse you will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from this exercise.


4. Body Row

Bodyweight Exercises: The Workout You Can Do Anywhere

As opposed to push-ups, this exercise will train the muscles of the trunk, back and buttocks. Find something to hang on to: a bar in the park or a table at home. Extend your body keeping your heels firm on the floor and face up.

Bring the chest towards the bar while keeping the body rigid and slowly bring the body away from it again. The more you bring your feet forward the more difficult the exercise becomes. Make it even more difficult by using a high bar and pushing yourself up without support.


5. Cossack Lunge

Bodyweight Exercises: The Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Start by doing a side lunge with your feet aligned. Lower yourself to the side, keeping your toes out and bringing your pelvis back, with one leg straight. Return to the center and crouch on the other side.


The Cossack lunge begins in a deep squat position on one leg (also on the toes if needed), with one leg straight to the side and toes pointing towards the ceiling. Without lifting your feet off the floor, put your weight on the other foot, and move your feet so that you are in a squat position on the other leg. Try to keep your hips low to work harder on your hips.


6. Wrestler Twists

Bodyweight Exercises: The Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Start in the Bear Crawl position. Raise one hand and the opposite foot and rotate the whole body on one hand and one foot. Raise your arm and bring your leg into the space between your body and the floor. If you feel in the mood to overdo it, try to control your body as you bring it into an inverted plank position.


7. Burpee

Bodyweight Exercises: The Workout You Can Do Anywhere

The burpee is a great exercise for the whole body. It aids in mobility, strength and range of motion, while burning some calories. Start standing, do a squat to bring your hands to the floor. Bring standing back with a leap into a flexion position, then bring them back forward. Get your hands up and jump as high as possible. Simple but incredibly effective.



Example Training sheet



Bodyweight exercises are an ideal way to train your body to make unusual movements, whether you work out in the gym, at home or outdoors: essential for keeping your body in the best condition.


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