Body Recomposition Goal? | Here's How To Do It!

By the healthiergang writer , medical student.

Body recomposition

If the goal is that of one body recomposition the gym is probably the best solution.

By body recomposition we mean a loss of adipose tissue in favor of the lean one.

Losing fat mass and gaining lean mass may not alter your weight or even increase it, this is not a problem.

What matters is the physical result that is achieved. A more athletic body is aesthetically better. Notwithstanding that proper nutrition plays a primary role in the body recomposition process there are also exercises and training methods that better encourage this process.

The aim is to increase energy demand and consumption and promote the increase of muscle mass.

Training and Recovery

If you want promote fat loss and at the same time increase muscle mass It is useful to opt for a type of training that provides a high volume and short recovery times.

A high training volume doesn't just incentivize increase in muscle massit also increases the ability of muscle cells to metabolize nutrients, preventing them from turning into fat stores.

Keep recovery times short, then around 40 seconds, promotes the accumulation of waste substances in muscle fibers and the formation of lactic acid.

The ideal is to keep a TUT (time under tension) of 40 or 60 seconds with emphasis on the negative phase, i.e. maintaining a time of 3 or 4 seconds on this phase of the movement.

By combining this style of training with a short rest you will feel an unmistakable burning sensation in the trained muscle. It is important to know that with the production of lactic acid the body produces 2 molecules of ATP.

ATP is the body's energy currency, only thanks to this molecule the muscles are able to function.

When the body is faced with a type of anaerobic exercise, whose conditions are similar to those previously described, metabolic pathways are activated to produce energy without the use of oxygen. Without going into detail, the body is forced to use glycolysis as an energy pathway and other processes that lead to the production of lactate (lactic acid).

These metabolic pathways are able to produce 2 ATP for each glucose molecule processed. But lactic acid uses up to 7 molecules of ATP to be disposed of. This means that in the following days our body will be busy disposing of lactic acid accumulated in the previous days e will be forced to consume a lot of energy.

This results in a considerable increase in energy expenditure in the following days. Furthermore, the accumulation of waste substances and a prolonged condition of oxygen deficiency activate stimulating processes the production of anabolic hormones and therefore the increase in muscle mass.

That said, it is evident that weight training, if practiced with certain criteria, is a superior alternative to a type of aerobic training (cardio style) in body recomposition.

Multi joint exercises, HIIT and frequency

If you want increase energy expenditure it is necessary to involve as many muscles as possible. The best choice are multi-joint exercises that allow you to recruit more muscle groups and use high loads.

Another option is to insert 3 or 4 sessions of HIIT in your weekly routine.

Short workouts of 15 maximum 20 minutes which allow you to significantly increase your metabolism for the rest of the day. Finally, it is useful to maintain a high frequency of training sessions during the week between 5 and 6 times a week.

The workouts must be of a maximum duration of 60 minutes. The type of training is that previously described. It is important to keep training sessions of less than 60 minutes because training very frequently cannot impose an excessively high stress condition on the body.

It occurred that during weight training after about 45 minutes the production of catabolic hormones is increasingly affirmed, including cortisol. If one pushes the body into a hormonal state of catabolism this is counterproductive in the goal of body recomposition. Furthermore, excessively high amounts of cortisol interfere with the proper functioning of numerous bodily processes and prevent adequate rest.


Adopt the strategies described and already after 4 or 5 weeks you will have appreciable results in terms of fat reduction and more athletic physique.

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