Black Reishi, properties and use of the miracle mushroom

Black Reishi, properties and use of the miracle mushroom

Reishi, reishi nero, yung gee and linghzi mushroom - meaning "spiritual power" in the East - is the scientific name Ganoderma lucidum, a mushroom of the Ganodermataceae family known in the country often only under the name of ganoderma o reishi.

There are two species: the reishi “rosso”, larger in size and with a chapel that fades from the white of the edge, to the yellow, to the rusty red of the center, and the reishi “nero”, which we will cover in more depth in this article.


Origins and history of the reishi

Reishi is a mushroom known in the East since ancient times and is called "the mushroom of immortality" thanks to its infinite properties and the many benefits it brings to health.

Widespread and with spontaneous growth in China, it has become very fashionable and its cultivation has also developed in America and throughout the Far East especially in Japan.

Its cultivation requires oak and chestnut wood substrates that begin decomposition and from here, by inoculating the reishi spores, the fruiting of the fungus is obtained.


The commercially available forms of reishi

This mushroom has not only a food purpose but is considered a real "natural medicine" like medicinal herbs.

Foods that possess drug-like power are defined "nutraceutici"because they are able to help human health and restore well-being.

In the country it is sold as a food supplement and we can buy it in capsules o compress single-dose prepared with dried powder, standardized and titrated in active ingredients of reishi. In specialized shops, herbalists and pharmacies we can also find the powder for the impromptu preparation of tisane or le dried foils

The flavor is not as pleasant as it is for many of the liver-assisting plants that result from taste amaro.

We remind you to choose high quality products and to read the labels carefully to recognize the best and most suitable products for your needs.


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Taking the reishi

The reishi supplement is recommended in the morning to start the day with a multifunctional adaptogen, on an empty stomach or maybe with the addition of vitamin C to help the absorption of the active ingredients and give them better absorption, with plenty of natural water at room temperature that does not alter the properties but rather facilitates renal filtration.

Under normal conditions, the first improvements should be felt within 2 weeks of starting intake.


Components of the reishi

Its composition in active ingredients exceeds 150 substances and therefore we report below an example list of the groups of active substances of the reishi mushroom:

  • glucan polysaccharides which have antitumor and immunostimulating activity;
  • oleic acids e ganoderici of the family of terpenes known as sterols capable of reducing allergic reactions;
  • protein specific with anti-allergic peptides and cholesterol-lowering and hypotensive capacity;
  • essential minerals such as sulfur, calcium, iron, phosphorus and germanium. The latter is indicated against lung tumors and leukemias, against arthritis and osteoporosis and finally is an ally of the liver and eyes.


Properties and benefits of reishi

The properties of reishi thus they become very flexible and can be used in different situations:

  • analgesic activity;
  • anti-allergic activity;
  • anti inflammatory;
  • immunostimulating with anti viral and anti bacterial action;
  • antitumor also thanks above all to a high antioxidant activity;
  • cardiotonic capacity with regulation of arterial pressure and cardiac arrhythmia;
  • hypotensive, antidepressant and relaxing action;
  • lowering and regulation of cholesterol and blood sugar.


Food consumption of reishi

However, this mushroom can be integrated into the diet by consuming it as food, usually purchased like any fresh mushroom.

It is therefore necessary to keep it cool, clean it from any residues of earth and foreign materials, dry it and keep it in this form until ready for cooking. The most common use is the boil it for the preparation of soups.

Also an'infusion of the mushroom can be another mode of consumption, such as drink to sip during the day.


Reishi herbal tea

> 2 or 3 sheets;
> 200 ml of boiling water.

Preparation: as for the preparation of a classic herbal tea, it will be necessary to take the dried reishi leaves and infuse them for at least 20 minutes in water previously brought to a boil. Once we have waited for the infusion time, the active ingredients have been extracted and we can drink the herbal tea sweetening it to taste with natural sweeteners.

Easier: one or two cups a day they can be indicated for the many functions and properties that we have known of the "mushroom of immortality".


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