Black and white mulberries: beneficial properties and recipes

Mulberry is a tree which can reach 15 meters in height and is known by the scientific name of Morus celsa.

They exist at least 15 different varieties of mulberry trees bad best known and cultivated are the morus nigra e la Morus alba which differ in color black or white of their fruits.

The mulberry belongs to the Moraceae family and its ideal growth climate is that of tropical and temperate areas.

Its origin seems to be Chinese so much so that even Marco Polo mentions its presence as early as 1270 during the descriptions of his journey to the land of the East. It is no coincidence that in the East this plant is cultivated not only for its fruits but also and above all for its leaves, nourishment for silkworms.

Mulberry today it grows and is widespread throughout Asia, North America, Africa and from 1500 in Europe, although currently this plant is no longer used for its fruit and is slowly disappearing from gardens and orchards, when in reality it is an excellent source of nourishing and beneficial substances, as well as having an excellent flavor.

Let's get to know mulberry blackberries better and their uses in the kitchen.


Composition and properties of mulberry blackberries

Mulberry blackberries contain an important antioxidant, resveratrol from powerful anti-aging action that I fought free radicals responsible for the oxidation of the body; in addition, this substance promotes blood circulation and greatly improves blood circulation functionality of the entire cardiovascular system. According to the latest medical studies, resveratrol is in fact an active ingredient capable of thin the blood so as to have an antithrombotic action and an antitumor effect.

Mulberry blackberries contain Vitamins such as A, C, E, K and many minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, selenium and zinc; this composition makes them excellent natural supplements

The presence of fibers it allows to improve intestinal function by regularizing it and in addition it purifies both the blood and the liver. Mulberry blackberries contain natural sugars such as fructose and glucose which together with the fibers give a very fast feeling of satiety and a lot energy charge to spend on the spot without the consequence of gaining weight.

Finally, mulberry blackberries contain another active ingredient, the morus, a flavonoid from analgesic properties: in fact, it relieves pain at the endings of the nerves, from the muscles to the skin, from the joints to the vascular system.

In summary, the properties of mulberry berries are therefore: analgesic, antibacterial, slightly laxative, hypoglycemic, diuretic, purifying, vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-anemic and antioxidant.

Black and white mulberries: beneficial properties and recipes

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Mulberry blackberries in the kitchen

Mulberry blackberries are great eaten fresh or transformed into smoothies, jams or just eat dried.

The flavor of the mulberry blackberry is sweet and reminiscent of the other berries similar as blueberries, blackberries or grapes.

Over the months between July and September mulberry blackberries they reach their maturity and can be eaten plain or mixed in mixed seasonal fruit salads.

If you are lucky enough to have a mulberry tree you can set aside a generous amount of blackberries to dry and store them. During the year you can therefore have mulberry blackberries to taste as a snack or to add to smoothies or dessert preparations.

Dried blackberries are much sweeter because the sugar is more concentrated as the water has evaporated and this allows them to be used for make smoothies and fruit creams thick and creamy. Also, dried mulberry berries are special when added to yogurt, ice cream, fruit salads, breakfast muesli, fruit puddings or recipes for sweets and biscuits.

The white mulberry blackberries have been recognized as The best, grown in Turkey in the regime of biological agriculture; this is because they are from excellent texture, large size and sweet taste truly excellent.

Even the preparation of jams with mulberry blackberries is an ancient tradition that was disappearing because this fruit was no longer being used. In fact it is currently considered a forgetful fruit and its rediscovery brings back to our tables a truly enchanting sweetness and excellent health properties for our health.


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<Black and white mulberries: beneficial properties and recipes


Classic mulberry jam recipe

For each preparation of jam you need a quantity of sugar (from organic farming and raw cane) and double the quantity of fruit, therefore in our case mulberry blackberries.

In some recipes, apples are added to help the consistency of the jam or special substances are used to better aggregate the mixture.

Also you can add lemon juice which delays oxidation and stabilizes the flavor as well as lengthening the storage time.

The jam is then prepared blending the fruit with the sugar and placing everything in a saucepan with a double bottom over low heat.

The secret of a good jam is the consistency that we can verify correct when placed a spoonful of hot jam on a plate and rotated vertically this will remain almost stationary.

Remember that the glass jars will be cleaned and sterilized and the jam will be placed in hot pots in order to create the vacuum in the jar.


Mulberry liqueur

This preparation was used more a curative purpose than food but its flavor made it appreciate the product anyway.

The recipes are different depending on the area, however they are indicated percentages of alcohol not exceeding 40%.

Usually the proportion of ingredients is:
> 500 grams of alcohol at 90 degrees,
> 300 of sugar 
> 600 of mulberry blackberries.

Preparation: the mulberry pulp is combined with food alcohol and sugar and then left to macerate for 4 days.

Once a day it is necessary to shake the bottle to allow the sugar to dissolve. Furthermore, to let the liqueur mature and have the substances extracted from the mulberry berries we will have to wait at least 40 days. The bottles are left in the dark for up to 2 months and are then ready to be tasted.

Mulberry sorbet

Very simple to make by having a making machine the ice cream or a immersion blender.

> 550gr di more
> 250ml of water
> 100g of raw cane sugar

Preparation: first step put the fresh and washed mulberry blackberries in the vegetable mill and then add the juice of half a lemon.

Separately, prepare a syrup consisting of 250 ml of water and 100 g of organic raw cane sugar.

The syrup must be cold and can be added to the mulberry puree in the ice cream maker or blended with the immersion robot.

After storing it for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator we can serve it enjoying the delicious flavor, its freshness and also bringing to our body all the benefits of mulberry blackberries.


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