Biotin supplements, yes or no?

Biotin supplements, yes or no?

We often hear about Biotin, especially through the commercials of products to strengthen hair and nails, but what is it exactly?
Biotin è la vitamina B7 o vitamina H that we can find in supplements of the vitamin B complex.

We can introject this element too through the power supply: fish, eggs, cheeses, pork, chicken, veal, lamb, carrots, spinach, beans, mushrooms.
Biotin is absorbed in the intestine, transported to the liver to then intervene at the metabolic level on sugars, fats and proteins.

Biotin also acts as a coenzyme and can be an interesting supplement in case of type II diabetes because improves the condition of insulin resistance.
In case of hair loss caused by Biotin deficiency it acts as a supplement e strengthens the hair, while it seems to give no response in case of hair loss not due to a deficiency of this vitamin.


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Use of Biotin supplements

To date there are no authoritative studies that certify the effectiveness of this supplement in case of diabetes in general, nor precise indications as to when and how to take it. We can find it on the market in the vitamin B complex, or in some supplements specially formulated to counteract fragility and hair loss.

No cases of toxicity or side effects were recorded.

Biotin is also useful in conditions of skin imbalances, such as seborrheic dermatitis because it governs the glands and regulates the secretion of sebo.
We recommend do not take Biotin if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as a precautionary principle. The recommended daily dose is 30mcg.

To the question "Biotin supplements yes or no?", I answer as for any other type of supplement: if needed, if there is a lack of this vitamin which also acts as a metabolic coenzyme, periodic supplementation is welcome without prolonging it excessively over time, but if we manage to supply the essential daily quota with food, we prefer this way, healthier, more moderate and cheaper.

It is not the panacea for baldness, this must be clear and it is not even effective if the hair loss is not attributable to its deficiency, but to hormonal, seasonal, genetic factors.

Skin, hair and nails are litmus papers that inform us if our body is in balance and healthy. In case these "sensors" provide us with the suspicion of a condition of suffering, let us always remember that the first help is that of the doctor, who will advise us after the analysis of the case how to possibly use some aids that supplement food deficits.


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