Beyoncé and Jay-Z, appeal to fans: 'Change your life with the veg diet'

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z push to adopt a 100% plant-based diet. The singer and her husband have already made known their position on vegan nutrition in the past and hope to convince their large audience to give it a try.

The two singers hope that their fans (about 88 million Facebook followers) would try to eat a vegetable meal at least once a day. Even if you don't completely change your eating style, you make a significant contribution by reducing the consumption of foods of animal origin.

The message was also launched through the preface of the book “Greenprint” by Marco Borges, nutrition and wellness expert, who has been following stars and athletes for over 20 years. Borges is the creator of the 22 day diet, a diet that promotes a vegan diet aiming both to lose the extra pounds and to improve the well-being of the person.

“Marco always says that the more you tend towards a vegetable diet, the more benefits you can get for your health. We do not want to promote a single lifestyle, you know what is best for you - explain Beyocé and her husband on the introduction page to the volume - but we want to encourage you to include more and more 100% vegetable meals in your diet ".

Through “The Greenprint”, Borges has launched a new movement consisting of 4 main initiatives: a digital tool, the newly released book, a documentary and a clinical trial.

“Each of us [has the ability to change] our life, that of our family, the health of our community and the conditions of our world by making a powerful and basic choice,” Borges said: “We define our destiny. We create our Greenprint. "

The new web-based digital tool shows the positive impact that using a vegan lifestyle can have on the environment.

Accompanying the book "The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World", full of vegan recipes, food plans and nutritional guidelines.

For the documentary, however, followers of The Greenprint will have to wait until the end of 2019. Described as “more than just a documentary,” the new film is produced by 51 Minds Entertainment, a division of Endemol Shine North America. It will explore the impact of a plant-based diet on the world, but will also examine and present solutions to the "real-life obstacles of underserved communities".

To back up the digital tool, book, and documentary with more solid evidence, Greenprint also conducted a clinical trial at one of New Jersey's top hospitals, Holy Name Medical Center.

Participants were screened before and after conducting the 22-day diet. They reportedly experienced higher energy levels, healthier skin, improved sleep and digestion. "The effects were so far-reaching, nothing short of astounding", said Michael Maron, president and CEO of the center.

“We need to change. The world does not change by itself. The single decision by each of us can have very important impacts on what surrounds us. Once we too understood what was behind a new diet, our mission became to let as many people know as possible. We want to challenge you, we act together, we spread the truth, we make this mission a movement ”say Beyoncé and Jay-Z again.

An environmentally and health-friendly choice.

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