Better Blood Pressure Gauge: More Efficient Models

Better Blood Pressure Gauge: More Efficient Models

Blood pressure monitor: how it works

La blood pressure it's a indicator essential to keep the health: measuring blood pressure regularly is indeed important for prevent pathologies such as hypertension and hypotension which can have serious health consequences.

Among useful tools to have at home, therefore, there is the pressure gauge, a device that allows you to obtain information on both the systolic or maximum pressure - which is when the heart pumps blood into the arteries - either on diastolic or minimum blood pressure, which is when the heart recharges with blood for the next beat.

Next to classic manual sphygmomanometer used by doctors, today on the market it is possible to find different pressure gauges, practical and suitable for everyone because a lot simple to use

Such devices allow you to measure the blood pressure from the wrist or arm automatically, then displaying the result on the connected. Not only that, for those looking for an even simpler tool to keep pressure under control there are also different models of SmartWatch that include this functionality.


The best blood pressure monitors on Amazon

Wrist blood pressure monitors

Among the devices on the market today are the wrist blood pressure monitors. Easy and practical, these devices can be used to monitor blood pressure values ​​even from home, as often as you want, without having to go to the pharmacy or doctor. These are accessories from the compact design, composed of a simple bracelet to be worn on the wrist, connected to a small monitor where you can view the results.

Here are two examples.

Beurer Sanitas SBC 15 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Practical and functional, the blood pressure monitor from Sanitas it is equipped with a large and easily readable LCD display where it is possible to view in addition to the measurement result, also the date, time, battery status and data relating to the last 60 measurements, thanks to the memory function that allows the saving of the last 60 relative measurements two users. The device also allows you to view the measurement relating to heart rate on the display, with possible detection of arrhythmias, and the risk indicator that classifies the measurement results on a colored scale, ranging from green (optimal situation) to red (high risk ). 

OMRON RS1 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

The blood pressure meter OMRON RS1 it is clinically validated and offers accurate measurements to adequately monitor heart health. Compact and easy to use, it has a simple wrist strap and a display that keeps track of the last measurements taken. The device is useful for detecting hypertension but also irregular heartbeats and can be connected to the smartphone via a dedicated app.

Upper arm blood pressure monitor

An equally simple alternative is to resort to upper arm blood pressure monitors. These devices consist of a sleeve to be wrapped around the upper part of the left arm to which a pressure detector is attached. To function correctly, the cuff must swell so as to block the passage of blood into the blood vessels, and then gradually deflate, returning the maximum and minimum pressure value. 

Here are two upper arm blood pressure monitors that you can buy on Amazon.


Cazon Blood pressure monitor

The upper arm blood pressure monitor Cazon it is automatic and allows you to quickly and accurately check your blood pressure. On the large LCD display it is possible to consult the measurements, keeping in memory the results of 120 readings. Equipped with an adjustable cuff, it can be recharged via the USB cable included in the package but can also work with 4 simple batteries. Among its advantages, that of having been developed with the contribution of cardiologists.

OMRON Healthcare M2 Basic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The upper arm sizer of Omron allows you to measure blood pressure quickly and easily, thanks to automatic operation. Equipped with technology IntelliSense, the device is designed to offer accurate and comfortable blood pressure measurements. Supplied with a standard 22-32 cm bracelet, the device is connected to a practical display that stores the last recorded result and to operate it just a simple button.

Automatic blood pressure monitor

Among the simplest blood pressure monitors to use today are those equipped with automatic system that offer immediate results in a practical and fast way. In fact, these devices detect the pressure values ​​and return them to the integrated LCD display.

Here is an example

HYLOGY Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Among the most popular automatic blood pressure monitors on Amazon is the model of Hylogy which allows you to monitor your blood pressure in just 2 seconds, thus keeping your health under control. Among its features, in addition to the automatic detection system, the large LCD screen on which systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, heart rate but also date, time and user can be clearly displayed by choosing between two options.

Best smartwatch with blood pressure monitor

Finally, for those looking for an even more practical solution to keep pressure values ​​under control, a good alternative is the SmartWatch. Recommended for athletes but not only, the latest generation models are excellent allies to take care of your well-being, because they allow you to accurately monitor not only the heart rate, the calories burned and the quality of sleep but also the blood pressure

Below is an example of a smartwatch that boasts this function.

YAMAY Smartwatch Men Women with Blood Pressure Pulse Oximeter

The smartwatch of Yamay represents an excellent solution for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle by keeping the most important parameters for health under control. The device, in fact, allows to detect the levels of oxygen saturation in the blood stream but also the systolic and diastolic blood pressure, after sport or during daily life. The smartwatch can also be used as an activity tracker since it allows you to record steps, calories burned and distance traveled and includes 9 sports modes for running, treadmill, yoga and other types of exercises. Features include integrated GPS. 


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