Ben & Jerry: vegan ice cream is coming thanks to a petition from US consumers

    Ben & Jerry: vegan ice cream is coming thanks to a petition from US consumers

    Times change and multinationals adapt to consumer demands. More and more people are looking for ice creams that do not contain milk and eggs due to allergies and intolerances or in line with a vegan choice.

    Here then is that in the United States Ben & jerry has set to work to create a vegan ice cream. True, the company is part of the group Unilever, but in the last few years his choices are going more and more against the tide.

    In the United States Ben & Jerry has come out in favor of GMO labeling for food products that contain genetically modified ingredients, to protect consumers. The proposal to label products containing GMOs in the US has not been successful, but Ben & Jerry has nevertheless decided to take an important step forward, namely that of say goodbye to genetically modified ingredients in their products and to give space to fair trade ingredients.

    Le consumer pressure in this case they have not fallen on deaf ears and now in the USA we are waiting for the new vegan ice cream that Ben & Jerry should make available for sale starting from spring-summer 2016. In reality, the company has not yet officially announced a precise date for the arrival of vegan ice cream, but certainly has been able to listen to consumers.

    Ben & Jerry's announcement actually came after one petition which specifically asked the company to market a 100% vegetable ice cream and that within a few weeks has collected more 28 thousand signatures. Consumers pointed out to the company that factory farming is one of the major causes of global warming and that the time has come to propose a radical change.

    According to early rumors, Ben & Jerry will replace cow's milk with almond milk and coconut milk, to follow the demands of consumers who would like really good vegan ice creams e not the usual soy milk products which are not always at the top in terms of taste.

    From the United States, from 2016 onwards, Ben & Jerry's vegan ice cream is expected to reach the United Kingdom, but we don't know if they will arrive in your country. Of course, it will be vegan ice cream, but still industrial production, so those who do not have time to wait for this novelty or those who believe that the vegan ice creams currently on sale are too expensive or not always healthy can think ofself.

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