Being successful in college is within everyone's reach

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Being successful in college is within everyone's reach; we start from the following assumption: if a student is motivated from a burning desire to graduate, follows a good study method, is self-disciplined e is committed concretely giving the best in terms of dedication e efforts, success in studies is assured.

You see, I don't think there are genes; on the other hand, even the intelligence quotient is a limited parameter to measure intelligence (there are, in fact, different types of intelligence). Some students perform above average simply because they give something more, something above common standards. So, if you want be successful in college and be able to graduate on time, you have to be motivated e ambitious. The perception staff that you have of yours capacity e ability constitutes a decisive motivational component for university performance: therefore, never feel "incapable" in the face of the inevitable difficulties you will encounter during your university career; rather be aware that any impasse is only momentary e can be overcome very well (in another article I explained to you how you can immediately find the want to study at university).

Enrollment in a degree course is one deliberate choice; no one is forced to go to university. Now, since it is you who have voluntarily chosen to be a college student, why not tackle this path with the right amount of passion and determination? There are university students who perceive university as almost an obligation, which predisposes them negatively to study. Nobody can do well in any business if they perceive it as a constraint. Ask yourself if you have really chosen the right option for you and if you are driven by an actual interest; I already told you in another article that if you have some difficulty studying at university, the reason could be a surface orientation. Also look for consider university as a stepping stone for your future personal and professional growth: at school you only learn, at university, on the other hand, in addition to learning, you train. Think, therefore, of the fact that you are working on yourself to form yourself: this will stimulate you to study with a more proactive and positive approach.

Succeed in college: it takes the right strategies

A strategy practical and useful for be successful in college and graduate on time consists in set yourself specific goals. Rather than taking exams improvising, you should plan exactly the amount of daily study: therefore, not only medium-long term objectives, but also and above all very short-term objectives.  Being successful in college requires maturity and the possession of effective self-management skills: you have to know "To impose" the rules and have the willpower to respect them with daily constancy. Procrastination, disorganization and inconstancy are the worst enemies for college students. To defeat them you have to motivate yourself thinking about the usefulness that the study will bring: your goal is not to pass the next exam; that is only a means. Your (ultimate) goal is to be able to graduate, possibly on time.

Another strategy for being successful at university is to have an effective study method. Most students commit the mistake of learning study strategies independently. If you prepare for exams without the support of a proper method, over time you consolidate a wrong learning habit, seriously risking jeopardize your college career. This is a danger that should never be underestimated!

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