Being more persuasive - how?

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Being more persuasive is quite simple: just speak in the right ear of the interlocutor. Although this is a very outdated theory, new scientific data would help confirm it.

A simple experiment: 176 women walked into a nightclub and approached several people asking them for a cigarette. Requests were twice as likely to be successful if they were made by approaching the interlocutor's right ear, regardless of whether he was a man or a woman. This is due to the fact that the right ear is more sensitive to the processing of verbal stimuli, especially in a noisy environment, since it communicates more directly with the left part of the brain, where all the information is processed. This phenomenon has been called "right ear advantage" and includes not only the processing of language but also the perception of peripheral and simpler sounds coming from the environment. Marzoli and Tommasi affirm that 72% of people tend to lean slightly to listen to the words of our interlocutor with the right ear. We also have this preference in the use of the telephone even if there are those who say that these differences are mainly due to the manual predominance rather than the auditory one since the majority of the population uses the right hand in a predominant way. However, with the passage of time the most affected ear is the right so that the auditory advantage in distinguishing syllables, numbers and words would gradually be lost.

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