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    Being happy: 5 habits and a crazy story

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    Robert Maurer

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    Be happy it's a daily choice, let's see what it depends on.

    They will always criticize you, they will speak ill of you and it will be difficult for you to meet someone who likes you as you are! So live, do what your heart tells you, life is like a play, but it has no initial rehearsal: sing, dance, laugh and live intensely every day of your life before the opera ends without applause.

    Charlie Chaplin

    Everything and the opposite of everything has been said about happiness, but one of the few certainties we have is that every living being passes its existence to pursuit of happiness.

    Another thing we have learned is that happiness is attainable in several ways, often very different from what we can imagine.

    In fact, very often we tend to see the horizon of happiness match that of so-called success, when instead we could achieve the two independently.

    To clarify this aspect, we must increase our awareness: as always, everything starts from the awareness of ourselves and of the world around us.

    To this end, I propose an incredible parable that will help you better discern yours happiness concept.

    Happy reading.

    The shocking parable of conscious happiness

    On the dock of a small Mexican village, an American tourist stops and approaches a small boat owned by a local fisherman.

    He compliments the fisherman on the quality of the fish and asks him how long it took him to catch it.

    The fisherman replies: "It didn't take long" and the tourist: "But then, why wasn't he more, to catch more?"

    The Mexican fisherman explains to him that that meager amount was exactly what he needed to meet his family's needs.

    The tourist asked: "But how does he use the rest of his time?" And the fisherman: “I sleep late, fish a little, play with my children and take a siesta with my wife.

    In the evening I go to the village, meet friends, have a drink together, play the guitar, sing a few songs, and so on, I fully spend my life. "

    When the tourist said: “I will interrupt you immediately, I am a graduate of Harvard and I can give you useful suggestions on how to improve.

    First of all he would have to fish longer, more every day, so logically he would catch more fish.

    He could sell the extra fish and buy a bigger boat.

    Bigger boat means more fish, more fish means more money, more money more boats.

    He will be able to afford an entire fleet.

    So instead of selling the fish to the average man, he will be able to negotiate directly with the fish processing industries, he will be able to open his own in due course.

    Later he can leave the village and move to Mexico City or Los Angeles or maybe even New York. From there he will be able to run a huge company. "

    The fisherman interrupted him: "But how long would it take me to reach these objectives?"

    And the tourist: “20, 25 years maybe.

    Then the fisherman asked: "And after?"

    Tourist: "Ah later, and here comes the beauty, when your business has reached great volumes, you will be able to sell the shares and earn billions."

    And the fisherman: “Billions? Then?"

    "And then finally he will be able to retire from business and go to a small village near the coast, sleep late, play with his children, catch some fish, take a siesta, spend the evenings with friends drinking something, playing the guitar and fully enjoy life ".

    Did you understand the moral of this parable?

    We already have everything it takes to be happy but we let ourselves be intorted by those who want us to believe that we must buy and consume products of all kinds.

    Just like it happens for the fisherman who was already living the life that the wealthy man offered him only after decades of completely useless sacrifices.

    Obviously there is nothing wrong with consuming products that make us feel good, the important thing is do it consciously.

    Is this consumerism, this productivity and this growth really our desire? And above all are they essential to achieve happiness?

    Now that we have a more conscious vision, let's see 5 simple ones habits to be happy.

    Be happy with 5 habits

    # 1 Find your place in the world

    Acting, thinking, organizing and planning for ourselves is one of the greatest sources of happiness and at the same time gratification for human beings.

    Have you ever given directions to a passer-by or a tourist e feel useful and satisfied after giving the right tips?

    Dedicating ourselves to something for ourselves makes us happy, especially if by doing it we are exploiting our skills and at the same time we are doing good to someone else too.

    It happens because feeling truly useful for other people gratifies us so much that it makes us euphoric and we feel we can part of the world, not as spectators but as protagonists.

    Of course, each of us is different, but if you feel particularly good about using your skills to help someone, you are already halfway there.

    You just have to use your skills to help others, to make yourself useful or to give life to your own project as we will see in point # 4.

    In short, roll up your sleeves!

    # 2 Be happy by appreciating and accepting yourself

    Happiness also comes from accepting oneself, but be careful.

    Accepting yourself does not mean resigning yourself to your faults, do a job we hate, accept a body we don't like or live the life we ​​won't wish even for our worst enemy.

    Indeed, it is the exact opposite.

    We have to accept that there is something we don't like, whatever it is: our work, our body or our character and accept the challenge of change.

    Dedicating ourselves to personal improvement, if done with the right spirit and with the right strategy (I always recommend the kaizen technique), makes us happy.

    Why is each of us happier when he engages in a project that involves him and what is the project that most of all can involve us and be passionate about if not giving life to the best version of ourselves?

    # 3 Become the protagonist of your life

    We all have at least once in our life wanted to live someone else's life or dreamed of being another person.

    But often we don't want to be an enhanced version of ourselves, but we really want to be a different person: a famous actor, a singer or sometimes a character from a series that doesn't even exist.

    Strange isn't it?

    We literally daydream when we want more from life and fail or when we are dissatisfied with some aspect of our existence.

    The problem is that it is very difficult to be happy when there we take refuge in a fantasy where we ourselves are not even there because we are replaced by another person who may not even exist.

    Not to mention that in this way we also lower our self-esteem: in this regard, click here to read the article I wrote dedicated to self-esteem.

    As you understand then, we could never be happy dreaming of other people's lives or continually taking refuge in alternative worlds where we are the super heroes of the situation.

    We have to to let go that constant desire to play a super hero and become protagonists of our existence.

    Happiness is not expected and not imagined: it is created.

    # 4 Value what you already own and what you can give

    Do you still remember the parable of happiness and the fisherman who already had everything he needed to be happy?

    Here, the fisherman was a person very aware: for this reason he made the young graduate talk by giving him rope.

    He was aware that he was already living the life he wanted, the problem was with the young graduate, or rather ours.

    In fact, we live a life complicated by technology, cities and all the mechanisms and rules with which we are forced to play: school, work, fashion and relationships, but often we have everything we need to be happy and to make others happy.

    Not everyone has the fisherman's awareness; not for lack of intelligence, but because we are trapped in cultural enclosures born long before us.

    To get out of these limits and increase our awareness we can do a simple exercise.

    Grab a pen and paper and write down 5 important things you can do today for make your day great, happy and full of joy; then do one of these things as soon as you wake up.

    These are not complicated or expensive actions, but really simple things, let's see some examples.

    • In the morning, as soon as you see a loved one hugging them for no reason, we only realize they are missing when they are gone.
    • Appreciate the food you eat thanking those who cooked and bought it, only 100 years ago we dreamed of our laden tables.
    • Dedicate time to a passion of yours or an activity that gives you joy, time is limited for all of us.
    • Plan a date with a friend you haven't seen in a long time but you are fine with, we often forget the most important people.
    • Amaze a person with a completely unexpected good deed, spontaneous actions are the best.

    They all seem very simple gestures, but often we get blocked by our pride, from our beliefs or from our way of being, while instead we could be happy immediately.

    # 5 Be happy by finding peace of mind

    There are two currents of thought: those who claim that we are at peace with ourselves when we are happy and those who claim that we are happy only when we are at peace within ourselves.

    The truth is that these factors influence each other: we find happiness if we are comfortable with ourselves and vice versa.

    Let's face it: you are at peace with yourself?

    Or do you always have a reason to get angry, to feel alone, to feel inadequate, frustrated, jealous or angry?

    In reality, many times we are not happy because something inside of us is not right, we do not feel satisfied by a relationship or a friendship, work does not reward us or we are forced to spend a lot of time with a person we do not like.

    In these situations we must find our inner peace by knowing ourselves better.

    • Why does that person's behavior bother me? Does it affect my ego?
    • Why do I feel inadequate? Do I have problems with self-esteem?
    • Why am I jealous? Does my life not satisfy me?

    As always, everything passes by awareness and knowledge of oneself.

    You can choose to be happy every second

    Asking ourselves if we are living our existence happily is normal, each of us sooner or later questions himself about his own life.

    What we must not overlook is that happiness consists of continuous ups and downs with constant readjustments: sometimes we are happier, other times less.

    As we have seen in the article, we can often decide whether to be happy or not, we just have to to let go anger, disappointment, resentment and all negative feelings that choke us.

    Don't even let the happiness gurus fool you by making unnecessary comparisons.

    Many of these seem to have perfect lives and dispense a great deal of happiness advice almost as if they have nothing else to do in life.

    But we are human beings.

    It is normal to be unhappy or to feel anger and frustration, every feeling is a part of life and it goes accepted rather than demonizedIndeed, sometimes it is precisely the momentary unhappiness that makes us appreciate our moments of joy more.

    I hope you enjoyed this article, if so, share it on your favorite social network, it could change someone's life!

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