Being concrete: The key to change

How many times have you read a
book of those who represent psychological or productivity manuals
personal and you thought it would change your life completely but then
nothing happened? Because you have the best intentions to be more productive,
competent, a better person… but can't you become one? Probably why
you have missed a fundamental concept: be

Yes, we are very good at
learn the theory but less in putting it into practice. We stop at the stage
of the desire and intention to… but without being able to act concretely.
In short, our motivations remain in limbo without turning into actions
that help us change. Fortunately, the first
step to take to solve this problem is to realize that
we are trapped halfway between our intentions and possibility
real to put them into practice. Once we are
aware that all the information we have read is very interesting
but that led us nowhere, it would be time to think
how the theory applies to our case. This is the time to be
concrete. In this regard, the appearance
more important is to change the way you approach things. The statement:
"I want to be productive" is
other than that: “I'll finish the
a project that I have forgotten in the archive for two weeks ”. Likewise, it is useless
nothing to recognize that some habits hurt us if we don't act for
change them. For example, it is different to say: “When
I surf the Internet I waste time ”with stating that:“ I am now programming an audible alarm that
tell me when I have exceeded the time that I can lose while surfing ". They are very simple examples
but that send a clear message: behind a transformation there is not alone
the desire but also the will to change and seek strategies for
get it. Remember they don't exist
magic wands or miraculous recipes to apply to everything and everyone. Any advice
what you read is just an indication from which you will have to extract yours
lesson and then look for the best way to apply it.

I like to think that everyone
of us is like a great tree. We certainly would not ask the pear to give us
some apples, but with a cleverly done grafting, maybe it will be possible
get pears with apple or perhaps peach flavor. This means we have to
take those advice that can really apply to us, make an effort to
put into practice all the strategies we know and finally have patience
to see the change.

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