Beginner Sodi Glute Workout - 10 Home Exercises for Beginners

Beginner Sodi Glute Workout - 10 Home Exercises for Beginners

Main Muscles Affected

  • Buttocks
  • Legs

Workout Difficulty

Very easy

The Sodi Glutei Beginner workout is a workout suitable for all ages and for those approaching the world of fitness for the first time. The exercises proposed in this video are all low-impact, but effective and aimed at firming and lifting the lower back. The secret to obtaining excellent results during the training sessions is to perform the exercises correctly and with maximum intensity and concentration. Try to perform twenty repetitions of each exercise without pauses, resting no more than a minute between one station and another, and a little more between one round and another. If at the first workout you are unable to perform the movement of the exercise correctly, do it very slowly and then, from time to time, memorizing and executing the correct movement, increase the speed. In case you feel fatigued only after the first round, do just two, and then get to three the next time. Perform three rounds three times a week and one round every day; when you find that you are struggling little, you will be ready for the intermediate glute-up workout. As for the equipment, use low loads and stabilize the body as best as possible. The Beginner Sodi Glute Workout ends with an exercise to tone the abdomen and a stretching exercise to reduce the fatigue of the trained muscles.


  • Equipment: step, chair, fitball, barbell
  • 3 rounds - about 1 'between rounds
  • 8 exercises to tone the buttocks
  • 1 exercise to tone the abdomen
  • 1 stretching exercise
  • 20 reps per exercise - 40 "-60" recovery

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