Beetroot juice, the benefits

Beetroot juice, the benefits

The benefits of red beet juice

La beetroot, or red turnip, is a biennial herbaceous plant of the Chenopodiaceae family.


Le roots of the plant can be eaten raw or cooked or used to obtain a colorful and healthy juice.


Il beetroot juice it is prepared using the centrifuge or the extractor and is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Drinking beetroot juice regularly is helpful to prevent and improve flu symptoms such as cough, flu and cold. 


Beetroot juice is in fact a natural remedy to increase the immune defenses, as well as representing a restorative and remineralizing useful for regaining energy in case of seasonal ailments or after a very intense sporting activity.


The beetroot juice is then useful for improve circulation, strengthening the capillary walls and reducing hypertension, e promote digestion because it stimulates gastric secretions.


The red beet root also contains antioxidant substances which, by counteracting the action of free radicals, they keep the body young and healthy for longer.


Beetroot juice can be consumed by everyone, but it is best not to abuse it in case of gastritis, stomach acid or for people suffering from gastroesophageal reflux. 


Beetroot juice, how to prepare it

Il beetroot juice it can be prepared thanks to the use of the centrifuge or the extractor.


using the centrifuge, the beet juice will be more liquid, while if you choose the extractor it will be denser since it will also contain part of the pulp.


Il beetroot juice it can be prepared using only beetroot but since this vegetable does not have a particularly strong flavor, generally a mix of fruit and vegetables is preferred which also includes beetroot.


For example, a small piece of ginger root, an apple, or a carrot or lemon juice.


La amount of beetroot it depends on the addition of other ingredients: usually to prepare a glass of beet juice are sufficient two medium-sized red beets.


Beet juice, like all juices obtained by centrifugation or extraction, should be drunk immediately to maintain the nutritional and organoleptic properties unaltered. 


Beetroot: raw or cooked for a good juice?

Le beets they are easily found on the market cooked, generally steamed, vacuum-packed and sold in the fresh department of supermarkets.


prepare beetroot juice, whether it is an extract or whether you use the centrifuge, you must use the raw beets.


La raw beetroot it is not as easy to find as in the case of cooked beetroot, but it is generally found from February to August in the most well-stocked fruit and vegetable shops or in stores specializing in organic products.


prepare beetroot juice it is necessary to remove the leaves, if present, and roughly cut the vegetable, without removing the external peel. Then it is inserted into the juicer or extractor, alone with other fruit or vegetables and waits for the appliance to get the juice from the beet. 


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