Beetroot for gastritis

Beetroot for gastritis

La beetroot it is a vegetable that can be eaten raw, cooked or in the form of centrifuged.

Beetroot the leaves can also be consumed from which you can get an infusion useful in case of gastritis e inflammations of the gastrointestinal system.


Properties and use of beetroot

La beetroot or beetroot is a biennial herb that belongs to the Chenopodiaceae family.

The scientific name of the beet is Beta vulgaris L. and both the leaves and the root of this plant are consumed.
Le beet leaves they are used in the kitchen in the same way as spinach leaves but with beet leaves it is also possible to prepare decoctions or centrifuged.

Il decoction prepared with beetroot leaves it is taken in case of inflammation of the gastrointestinal system and the female reproductive system, to keep blood cholesterol under control and to combat constipation.

Fresh juice from beetroot leaves can be useful for poultices and compresses to combat itchy skin, hemorrhoids, sunburn and abscesses.

La beetroot root it is available from February to August and is eaten raw or lightly cooked as a vegetable, or in the form of centrifuged.

The juice of the red beet root is rich in vitamins and minerals and can be used as a natural remedy in case of flu, cold, cough, to increase the immune system.

Beetroot is widely cultivated in the sugar variety, as white beet root is used for the extraction of sucrose, the common sugar.

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Beetroot and gastite

Given the content of minerals and vitamins, the juice obtained by centrifuging the red beet root can be a valid tonic and remineralizing in flu states and following a particularly demanding physical activity.

Consumed as a food, beetroot fprovides a good supply of fibers and water that promote intestinal transit.

La beetroot root it also contains antioxidants that counteract the action of free radicals.

Since red beet root stimulates the production of gastric juices, its consumption is not recommended in case of gastritis, gastric reflux and stomach acid.

The decoction obtained from beetroot leaves it can instead be used as a natural remedy for inflammation affecting the stomach and intestines.

For this purpose, 50 g of fresh coarsely chopped beet leaves are boiled in 250 ml of water for about ten minutes. When it comes to a boil, remove the saucepan from the heat and leave the leaves to infuse for another 15-20 minutes. One or two cups of infusion are then consumed per day after filtering it.


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