Because cucumber is difficult to digest

Because cucumber is difficult to digest

Centiolus, how to make it digestible

The grandmothers used to cut the final part of the cucumber, the apex, and rotate it around the fruit, rubbing it lightly, so as to release a whitish buttermilk believed to be responsible for the digestive difficulties.

There are also those who recommend consuming them after having drained them for a couple of hours, cut into slices, stratifying them and put in a colander, with a pinch of salt. Or it is advisable to soak them in water and salt for about an hour.

What's left, DIY remedies, food tricks, and culinary secrets aside, is that for many people, cucumber, like pepper or watermelon, is particularly indigestible. So difficult to digest, but so beneficial for the body - rehydrating, diuretic, refreshing and natural toning - cucumber is difficult to do without in summer. Let's find out why it's so hard to swallow!


Cucumber, a vegetable to digest!

Now, why is cucumber so hard to digest? Like others Gourds, for example the melon, the cucumber makes you greedy but shakes the heads of the most who struggle to digest it. The high presence of insoluble fibers, such as cellulose, would be one of the factors responsible for indigestion: i cucumbers are in fact made up mostly of water and oligosaccharides, heavy for the delicate stomach.

The fibers themselves are not digested by the stomach and small intestine, but their digestion and energy supply takes place in the colon, the next tract. 

Not particularly recommended therefore for those suffering from irritable colon and colitis, for which, after consulting an expert, it could be introduced slowly into the diet, cucumber is perfect for bringing the body the beneficial fibers it needs, so, in all other cases, it should be consumed constantly, especially to rehydrate the body with the arrival of the first heat


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How to choose cucumber

The choice of cucumber must also be made carefully: the fruit must be neither too big nor too small; the peel must be turgid and firm, with no signs of wrinkling and not even tending to yellow. Cucumber can be eaten in the traditional way, that is in salads, or in a wide variety of ethnic recipes and summer vegetarian recipes that foresee it.

Do not forget that it is also an essential vegetable for detox juices, fresh moisturizers and slimming, and extracts rich in health!

Light: "Eat with love" by Ian K. Smith


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