Be respectful when starting a relationship

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Be respectful when starting a relationship

Last update: December 11, 2015

Each of us lives our life and our sexuality as we want. However, when we start a relationship, we must do it being 100% convinced that that union will be respected.

Despite this, there are couples who agree on living their relationship in an unconventional way, but it is always a pact with very clear clauses.

Every relationship is a world and that is why we must share everything we expect from this, what pleases us and what we could never tolerate because it goes against our principles and our needs.

In this regard, we must accept the fact that, usually, a romantic relationship is lived by establishing a unique bond with the person with which we have chosen to travel part of our path.

When the terms of love are these, there is nothing that can justify infidelity, not even the fact that love is over. This means that if one of you is in a relationship with a third person, it is a lack of respect towards the relationship, the partner and himself as a person.


This does not mean that the person who has been betrayed cannot forgive the partner, but the most likely thing is that he has seriously hurt his feelings and emotions, creating a hole of insecurity in which we find, at the very least, humiliation and disappointment. .

The most complicated infidelity is sentimental infidelity

The worst of infidelities is that of sentimental connotations. In fact, it is the one that worries the most and the most complicated to overcome, because it involves more than just a sexual context.

Despite this, there are studies according to which it depends on sex. This means that men worry more about sexual betrayal, while women worry more about emotional cheating.


It would seem that men are more tormented by the thought of their partner having sex with third parties, while women by the idea that their partner falls in love or finds joy in another relationship.

Despite this, this is not always the case, nor does one have to live thinking about it constantly. After all, what matters is betrayal and lies, a gesture that represents an example of disloyalty at a precise moment.

It is not a question of super romantic ideas, but a question of values. It is possible to neutrally contemplate the fact that someone is in a relationship outside the couple, but this does not mean that "the betrayal" does not open an emotional wound in the betrayed person.

For this reason, the ideal is to reflect and value the feelings that are at stake. We think that, in one way or another, the freedom of one ends where that of the other begins and that there is no justification for the damage caused by these actions.

Always remember what we owe to others: respect

As we said before, there are couples who tolerate relationships and dating outside of the relationship, but that's not common. The best thing is therefore to stay open and communicative to talk about these topics with your partner.


Relationships change, just as love and people change, and that's why that seemed right to us a few years ago, today it may not be anymore.

There is nothing to justify anyone playing with our feelings or trustbut it is also true that each situation must be examined in its context. We are beings who make mistakes and infidelity can be one of them, what happens is that we give it much more importance.

There is no magic formula to prevent betrayals from happening, but if it happens, we must remember well that “there is life beyond betrayal” and that it may be a possible situation to be resolved.


However, to observe the facts from an objective point of view, it is very important to love yourself and be aware of your feelings and emotions. In this way, it is possible to take the time to overcome this difficulty, first on a personal level and then, if you are interested, as a couple.

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