Be more productive with meditation

Be more productive with meditation

Meditation has a great impact on our brain and, therefore, on the quality of life and physical-emotional performance.

Be more productive with meditation

Last update: 28 March, 2019

Surely you have already heard of the many health benefits of meditation, both physical and emotional. Not everyone knows, however, that meditating helps you be more productive, perform better and achieve goals.

The current pace of life is altered by haste, by stress, by noise - a lot of noise. And in the midst of this chaos, good results and great yield are expected of us. The problem is that our mind is easily saturated with a thousand and one work and family commitments. Where to find the much needed balance point and be more productive? In meditation!

Meditate to calm the mind

Meditation, especially full attention or mindfulness, is a Buddhist-inspired practice that it is meant to fix the mind on the present, on the here and now, on what we are doing. The goal is to avoid being chained to expectations, worries or feelings of guilt, savor every moment and, therefore, not waste our time between the past and the future.

It is currently a widely accepted practice for its practical benefits, especially in the business world. For example, large companies such as Apple, Google and Nike provide their employees with rooms dedicated to short meditation sessions during the working day. According to their statistics, sick leave was reduced by 78%.

The best executives around the world publicly extol the benefits. No wonder: the effects provided by full attention are supported by several studies linking it to job satisfaction, rational thinking and emotional resilience. In addition, it promotes a state of calm that allows us to observe what is happening from another perspective, both on a professional and personal level.

“Practice meditation. Is critical. Once you have enjoyed its benefits, you will never be able to abandon it and its benefits are immediate ”.

-Dalai Lama-

Meditating helps you be more productive

Meditation favors our surrender because it frees us from stress and negative thoughts that reduce it. In this way, our mind works without worry, pressure or hindrance, working more effectively, focused and calm.

On the other hand, the right hemisphere of the brain, responsible for creating new ideas, works more actively when aided by regular meditation. This means that work performance improves. In other words, we will remain more focused on work because the mind does not wander, it does not get lost in other thoughts. Meditating helps you feel “fresher”, less heavy, which allows you to work with more agility.

Meditating helps you to be more creative in solving problems and have new ideas to improve.

It may seem strange to you that just closing your eyes, staying silent, focusing on breathing can improve productivity, but it's all true. Just try. The most surprising thing is that it has a positive effect on the mood throughout the day. 

“Learn to control your mood. You may be more talented than everyone, but if you let yourself be overcome by emotions, you will get nothing ”.

-Jordan Belfort-

Benefits of Meditation

Practicing meditation has a calming, relaxing and anti-stress effect. Natural that allows you to be more productive. Some of its most interesting benefits are:

  • Provides a large charging capacity.
  • It helps to have more energy all day.
  • Increases the blood supply to the brain.
  • Slow down aging,
  • Improve planning skills.
  • Improve attention and memory.
  • It stimulates creativity.

A Spanish study, conducted by Gonzalo Hervás, Ausiàs Cebolla and Joaquim Soler, confirms that mindfulness offers numerous benefits including better attention control, greater emotional management and self-awareness.

Despite the positive evidence, many people reject this practice or show disbelief when its benefits are mentioned. The main problem is that we tend to abandon it almost immediately, because it is considered difficult to achieve. It must be admitted that it is not easy. Shakti Gawain rightly says that anyone who has practiced meditation knows how difficult it is to silence the inner dialogue and connect with the deepest, wisest and most intuitive part of us.

But in this case, failure has no consequence. Gradually everything becomes simpler. And, as the willpower in the effort to meditate increases, the benefits on all aspects of our life increase.

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