Bases for sweet and savory cakes: puff pastry, shortcrust pastry and vegan shortcrust pastry

Bases for sweet cakes e savory pies in version vegan. Shortbread, puff pastry e pasta brisee they can be prepared at home with completely vegetable ingredients, not only without butter e without eggs, but also without palm oil e without hydrogenated fats. This way you can prepare the bases for your sweet cakes, for savory pies, for pies, for pastries and for all your vegan biscuits, as well as for any recipe that requires you to use one of these classic cooking and pastry bases.

Those who have chosen not to consume products of animal origin will find these recipes very useful. Remember that, except in very rare cases, margarine and vegetable butter sold in supermarkets and organic products contain palm oil. So always read the labels well and maybe, if you don't find alternatives, try prepare the vegetable butter at home and self-made margarine (here the recipes).

Here is a collection of recipes more interesting to prepare the bases for sweet and savory cakes in the vegan version at home. You just have to start experimenting.


Vegan puff pastry

Vegan puff pastry with self-made margarine

This vegan puff pastry home made it will be good for both sweet cakes and savory pies, as well as for other preparations that require puff pastry. With self-made margarine you will avoid both hydrogenated fats and palm oil. THU recipes for homemade vegan puff pastry and self-made margarine.

Vegan puff pastry for desserts

This recipe for prepare vegan puff pastry at home it is particularly suitable for sweets. You can choose it to prepare cannoncini, puff pastries and pastry bases. Compared to the original recipe, just replace the butter with vegetable butter or margarine (better homemade or in any case without palm oil as specified above). THU all instructions.

Vegan puff pastry with vegetable butter


The Vegan Sweets Paradise blog explains how to make one vegan puff pastry with vegetable butter. It is vegetable butter based on extra virgin olive oil, without hydrogenated fats and without palm oil. This vegan puff pastry is suitable for both salty trout and sweets, such as pastries and millefeuille. THU recipe.

Vegan shortcrust pastry

Shortcrust pastry without butter (recipe with oil)

No butter for this shortcrust pastry, but extra virgin olive oil. You thought you could never prepare one soft and crumbly shortcrust pastry without butter? You will change your mind. Try following the instructions in our recipe to prepare the shortcrust pastry without butter and eggs. THU the recipe for vegan shortcrust pastry with extra virgin olive oil.

Vegan and gluten-free shortcrust pastry with almond flour

Here is an alternative at the same time vegan and gluten-free to the classic shortcrust pastry. You can use this vegan and gluten-free shortcrust pastry with almond flour to prepare the base of your jam or fruit tarts. The secret is all in the use of almond flour to replace wheat flouri the recipe of pvegan and gluten-free shortcrust pastry rod.

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Vegan shortcrust pastry

Vegan shortcrust pastry with wholemeal flour


You can prepare the vegan broken pasta with wholemeal flour, in order to make your recipes more nutritious. You will also need cold white wine, oil, cold water if needed, salt and a pinch of baking soda. THU the complete recipe.

Pasta brisée: the vegan recipe with oil

Water, flour, extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. Very few ingredients are enough to prepare a vegan oil-based shortcrust pastry at home without butter and without hydrogenated margarine, in a vegan version. It will be perfect for your rustic cakes and you can even freeze it. THU recipe.

Vegan shortcrust pastry with the kitchen mixer

To facilitate the home preparation of the vegan broken pasta you can use a kitchen mixer, especially if you are not very familiar with dough. In this case the suggestion is to pay close attention to the doses and to follow, for example, those indicated by the blog Pasticciando in my Kitchen. THU recipe.

Pasta mat

Here is the tenth recipe, a bonus for you, perhaps the fastest to prepare. It is called Crazy pasta because it is not a real puff pastry. It contains neither butter nor margarine. Usually it is prepared simply with flour, oil and White wine, and is used above all for savory pies. THU a useful recipe for prepare the crazy dough, which is already vegan in its original version.

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