Barbell curl on the Scott bench

Barbell curl on the Scott bench


The Scott Bench Barbell Curl exercise is also known as Preacher Curl, Preacher's Bench Barbell Curl

Type of Exercise

The Scott Bench Press Barbell Curl is a one-joint exercise


  • Dumbbell curl in supination on the Scott bench

Barbell Curl on the Scott Bench: Execution

The starting position sees the athlete standing, with the knees slightly flexed, the step equal to or slightly less than the distance between the shoulders, one foot in front of the other, the shoulders flexed in such a way that the armpits match with the top edge of the bench when your arms are resting on it. The elbows are extended and the grip is supine shoulder-width apart. The wrists are straight or flexed, but never extended; if they are flexed, the contribution to elbow flexion is reduced by: superficial flexor of the fingers, radial flexor of the carpus, ulnar flexor of the carpus and long palmar. The execution consists in flexing the elbows taking care not to change the position of the rest of the body. The movement ends just before the bar is vertical above the elbows. Taking part of the arms off the bench is considered cheating. This exercise reduces the importance of the brachial biceps (particularly the short head) as the elbow flexor. By emphasizing the isometric contraction at the end of the concentric one, the involvement of the brachialis increases. Using a wavy barbell and supine / neutral grip increases the contribution of the brachioradialis to elbow flexion and reduces tension on the medial bundles of the long head of the brachial biceps, short supinator and long extensor thumb, as supinators of the thumb. forearm.

Muscles involved in the Scott Barbell Curl Exercise

Group 0

  • Brachial biceps
  • Brachioradiale
  • Brachialis
Elbow flexion
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