Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences: the opportunity to train online

Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences: the opportunity to train online

Nutrition as an instrument of well-being

If it is true that we are what we eat, the greatest favor we can do to ourselves to stay healthy and fit is to follow a correct diet. 

In the land of good food, where delicacies and culinary traditions abound, the number of people seeking well-being is on the increase, starting from a greater food awareness.

The habits of the villages appear, in fact, to have changed considerably in recent years, revealing agrowing attention - further intensified by the pandemic tsunami - towards a healthy and balanced diet

An analysis conducted by Doxa on behalf of the magazine Food- carried out in 2021 to verify how much the advent of the coronavirus and the lockdown have changed the tricolor habits at the table- promises a picture in which more and more people are verifying where food comes from, preferring raw materials and the countryside, enhancing quality and certifications, taking into account the healthiness and impact of the products. 70% of consumers try to avoid foods rich in fat, considered the least healthy nutrient, while interest in evaluating nutritional values ​​is growing.

In a panorama of this type, professionals trained in the field of human nutrition are an important point of reference: on the one hand, to guarantee the quality, safety and sustainability of food systems; on the other hand, to offer the expertise necessary to transform nutrition into a precious and conscious tool of well-being.

Human Nutrition Sciences, online training is possible

Within the faculties of Biology, Biotechnology, Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy or Agriculture there are three-year and master's degree courses in Human Nutrition Sciences, which allow you to build a profession in the field of nutrition.  

Nutrition expert biologists, dietitians, nutritionists: all figures who - although different from each other in terms of skills, specializations and applications - obtain professional qualifications starting from the aforementioned degree courses.

But what to do if you don't have the opportunity to physically attend classes? Regardless of the commitment or desire to do, there are many obstacles that can interfere with the path of the potential student: economic issues that prevent the costs of transfers, food and accommodation from adding to the cost of the tuition; work commitments that absorb the time and energy of those who want to go back to studying to specialize or change their path; family duties that require effort and effort to be reconciled with years of university training; the need to have more flexibility regarding one's own study method. To resolve these and further impediments, online training is a valuable opportunity. 

In particular, the online degree courses in Nutrition Sciences in the country are delivered within telematic universities recognized by the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research), authorized to issue academic qualifications that have the same legal value as degrees obtained in classical universities.

However, it is on the other side of the scale that the choice to train online makes the difference: thanks to new technologies and various digital tools - which the pandemic has made us accustomed to - each student can in fact follow the video lessons comfortably and directly from their PC, on the portal made available by each study center.

The educational offer

Although the basic exams are very similar to each other, each university structures its online study plan of Human Nutrition Sciences in a different way.

However, the boundaries and disciplinary areas - established by the MIUR - within which they are required to move do not changeThese are:

  • Mathematics, physics, computer science and statistics
  • Professional Chermisty
  • Biology
  • Food technology
  • Food safety and evaluation
  • Economics and Legal Sciences

As in many degree programs, there are compulsory and other optional subjects. According to the interests and the professional path that one has in mind to follow, it is possible to build one's own study plan starting from the proposed training offer. And thus seek your own path in the field of nutrition, without necessarily having to leave the house.

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