Avocado: friend of diet (and health)

    Avocado: friend of diet (and health)

    A past banned from diets slimming for her high calorie content (about 231 cal / 100 g, 89% of which provided by lipids), the avocado has now been definitively acquitted by nutritionists.

    The latest studies have indeed shown that if consumed regularly and in moderate quantities, ie about 70 g per day, not only does not make you fat, but it even allows you to lose weight and then to keep the body mass index within the norm. With the help of Dr. , a nutrition biologist in Genoa, we tell you why and how to exploit it.


    True, this fruit contains a lot of lipids, but of excellent quality, because they are largely monounsaturated: "I grassi dell'avocado saziano, therefore they make you eat less, and help to avoid accumulation of abdominal fat, because they regulate postprandial metabolism and prevent blood sugar spikes», Explains the expert.

    The confirmation also comes from the results of the latest National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, published in the scientific journal Nutrition Journal, according to which the daily consumption of half an avocado average size lowers the likelihood of running into one, among other things metabolic syndrome.


    The beneficial action of avocado on sugar metabolism is due to the content in fiber and vitamin K: "The ideal is to eat it together with a plate of leafy vegetables, such as beets, which are also rich in this strategic vitamin for keep blood sugar peaks at bay and hunger attacks », advises doctor Ghignotti. 


    A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, conducted on the variety hate (medium-small size is the most common together with the Strong) revealed that to consume one avocado a day helps regulate both Ldl levels (bad cholesterol) both of triglycerides in the blood.

    And it is therefore useful to avoid the metabolic syndrome, the antechamber of obesity: "This is due not only to monounsaturated fats, but also to plant sterols this fruit is rich in ”, explains our expert.


    One hectogram of avocado provides 4,4g protein, 23g lipids, 1,8g carbohydrates. total fiber 3,3 ge calorie 231.

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