Avocado Bacon, properties and characteristics

Characteristics of the Bacon avocado plant

The plant of avocado is a typical tree of the tropics which mainly produces in areas of Central America such as Mexico and Guatemala but also in Africa and Asia.

Lately some avocado varieties have also been chosen by the peasants and villagers who started crops also in our peninsula and the results are also very satisfactory. Among the favorite varieties, the Bacon which was born by grafting between Mexican and Guatemalan avocados.

When we talk about hybrid this means that this tree cannot produce other plants similar to Bacon through the seed but only wild avocado can be born from its seeds. To obtain the Bacon variety, farmers must continue to hybridize these two Mexican X Guatemalan avocados.

Anyway the Bacon avocado plant is a very vigorous and hardy variety, so much so that it also tolerates a cold climate up to the - 3 ° C limit that other avocado varieties do not tolerate.

Avocado bacon usually bears fruit well and in the apical part of the plant and needs to have in the cultivation plant more specimens that are both male and female to have an abundant harvest.

His harvest period for Bacon avocado is one of the earliest varieties and begins to bear fruit from autumn around October until spring. In Sicily this Bacon variety of avocado is widely cultivated and starts producing in November.


The Bacon Avocado Fruit

The Bacon variety of avocado it has an oval shape with a thin, deep green and smooth skin. The size of the fruit is medium-large and weighs on average from 200 g to 450 g of fruit.

The peel is easy to remove and in fact it is enough to peel this fruit to see the pulp inside which is green in color slightly tending to yellow. The consistency of the pulp is buttery with some fibrousness and the oil content is 18-20%.

At the center of the Bacon avocado we find a large seed that is easy to remove even if well anchored to the pulp. The seed can be used to grow a new wild sapling of avocado or in some cases it is possible to prepare and eat it.

Returning to the Bacon avocado fruit it is important to know when it is the right time to consume it and therefore we will have to do a light pressure on the peel to perceive the consistency of the pulp. When the pulp is soft and the green color of the peel has become slightly darker we can open the avocado to eat it.

This change in color when ripe is noticeable but is not as pronounced or at least not as pronounced as other avocado varieties that turn from green skin to reddish or even almost black when ripe.
Its taste is very delicate and this is the main feature that makes the Bacon avocado variety better than the others.


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Properties of the Becon avocado

Avocado is a fruit rich in monosaturated fats which are lipid substances essential for the well-being of our tissues, cell membranes and also serve to fight diabetes, help the heart and rebalance cholesterol levels.

In fact, avocado is recommended for many diets where it is necessary to have good vegetable fats that have the function of regulating the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood and also support the function of the cardiovascular system and blood pressure.

In addition, Bacon avocado like other avocado varieties is rich in many vitamins such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, D, E, K, H and PP. All these vitamins and other antioxidants are essential to counteract the action of free radicals thus reducing cellular aging of the body.

In addition, many of these vitamins such as vitamins A, C, D and E along with the fatty acids found in avocado are excellent for keeping the skin toned, soft, supple and in full health. Avocado is even a great help in preventing sunburn problems always thanks to the combination of vitamins, lipids and other active ingredients it contains.

Also the amount of mineral salts it is abundant and avocado in particular contains calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and sodium. Avocado helps to better absorb some minerals and in particular the calcium of which it is also rich so eating avocado is a good source to stock up on this mineral.

Finally it contains an excellent amount of fiber that helps intestinal transit counteracting any dysentery thanks to its astringent properties. This fiber is then needed to clean up the gastrointestinal tract as well avocado in general is also a good digestive food thanks to its aromatic properties and its lightness in the metabolization process

It is used a lot in vegetarian and vegan diets also because it is really appreciated at all ages by children who eat it as spreadable cream in recipes such as guacamole up to the elderly who try some new exotic oddity.


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