Autumn vegetarian recipes: ricotta and broccoli pie in pumpkin sauce

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Autumn has now arrived throughout your country: the cold air and the increasingly frequent rains push us to abandon the beautiful summer salads and cooking something more suited to the season that has just entered. To celebrate the arrival of the autumn colors and scents, we offer you a pie made with ricotta and broccoli, embellished as desired by one pumpkin based sauce.

For a pie for four people you will need:

a broccoli or cauliflower
3 medium potatoes
400 g of cow's milk ricotta
4 eggs
300 g of pumpkin

First, wash the potatoes and dry them with a cloth, peel them and cut them into chunks; then wash the cauliflower and slice it into large pieces; put both potatoes and cauliflower in the pressure cooker, add a nice pinch of coarse salt, a large cup of water, close and put on the fire over a high flame.
When the valve starts to hiss, lower the heat to low, cook for twenty minutes, then turn off and let out all the steam. At this point, pour the cauliflower and potatoes (which should now be reduced to a pulp) in a bowl, mash them with a fork, to form a soft and homogeneous dough, and let it cool.

At this point, turn on the oven at 180 degrees and wait for it to reach temperature cut the pumpkin into large chunks, put it in the pressure cooker, add a pinch of salt, a sprig of rosemary, a cup of water and put on the fire.
Let it cook for about twenty minutes and once the steam has come out of the valve, pour it into a bowl and blend it with a mini blender (or blender).

When the cauliflower and potato mixture is warm, add the whole eggs , a pinch of salt and one of pepper, ricotta it's a handful of breadcrumbs.

Mix everything and when the dough is very homogeneous and compact, pour everything into a pan (possibly small and round) lined with baking paper; bake in the oven for about twenty minutes and when it is lukewarm all you have to do is cut it into slices and serve it - to taste - with the pumpkin and rosemary sauce you have prepared.

And as always ... enjoy your meal!


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