Authentic people: 10 characteristics that make them special

Authentic people: 10 characteristics that make them specialI like people who vibrate, who don't need stimulation, to whom you don't have to tell what to do, but who know what to do and do it. People who cultivate their dreams until those dreams turn into their reality. I like people who have the ability to take the consequences of their actions, people who risk the certain for the uncertain to pursue a dream. I like people who are grateful for the new day, for the good things in life, and who live every moment giving the best of themselves, grateful to be alive. I like people who are able to constructively criticize me by looking me in the eye, but without denigrating or hurting me. I like people who are sincere and honest, able to oppose anybody's decisions with reasonable arguments. I like people who have judgment, who aren't ashamed to admit they were wrong or who don't know something. People who, accepting their mistakes, genuinely try hard not to repeat them. I like people who think and meditate internally. People who do not judge and do not allow others to do so. I like people who have personality.This is an excerpt from Mario Benedetti. I just say that I like authentic people. Those who are not afraid to show themselves as they are authentic people they are those who, although not a model of virtue, decide to be consistent with what they think and feel. Indeed, it is curious, because we all probably agree that lying is not a good counselor, but many do not hesitate to lie or hide their emotions when they deem it "necessary." In today's society, where people spend hours watching their image in social networks, authenticity is a rare gift. However, we are drawn to this feature. In fact, in a very interesting study done at Bangor University of Wales, a group of people were asked to be authentic, while others had to pretend. They were all later introduced to strangers with whom they were supposed to have a conversation. The psychologists monitored the responses of both interlocutors and realized that we respond more quickly to genuine smiles, perhaps because we perceive them as a value that deserves a reward. Instead, we react slower and less enthusiastically to a fake smile.

What sets authentic people apart from the rest?

1. Have solid self-esteem. A study conducted at the University of Manchester found that genuine people have high self-esteem, but not so high that they fall into narcissistic and arrogant attitudes. Rather, these people have solid, consistent self-esteem, which allows them to function more relaxed and not be constantly on the defensive. They manage to be authentic because they care less about exposing themselves to others, because they feel good about themselves and know that the opinions of others are just that, mere opinions.
2. They accept vulnerability. Our culture encourages us to keep drawbridges raised and to minimize or hide errors and imperfections, to protect ourselves from others. It is a culture that rejects vulnerability. But psychology teaches us that opening up to fear or recognizing our weaknesses allows us to grow. Therefore, authentic people accept vulnerability and are able to show it, they are not afraid of failing or making mistakes because they know that every experience includes a life lesson.
3. They share their thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Genuine people don't have much trouble when it comes to expressing what they feel or think. In fact, a study conducted at Wake Forest University revealed that when people are authentic, whether they have a tendency to be outgoing or not, they feel comfortable sharing ideas and emotions. Additionally, this study also appreciated that more authentic people were also more emotionally stable.
3. They give and receive compliments. Genuine people have no trouble giving a compliment, and they don't hide behind false decency when they get one. They are aware that compliments must flow in two directions and are able to free themselves from the stress that is usually associated with the expectations of others. These people don't get lost in speculation. If you think someone deserves a compliment, give it to them. If you get one, don't look for hidden intentions. For genuine people, compliments are a simple statement of facts to make others feel good.
5. They are excellent listeners. While you tend to equate authenticity with extroversion, the fact is that authentic people don't usually attract attention, but are great listeners. They are people who normally pay attention to conversations, because they are genuinely interested in others and want to get to know them. Since they relate to others from their deepest self, they also seek to connect deeply with the essence of others.
6. They let themselves be guided by their inner voice. One of the key aspects of authenticity is to feel good about yourself. These people spend a lot of time digging inside themselves, they know each other well, they know what their values ​​are and what they want to fight for. This security ensures that they do not let themselves be influenced too much by the environment, they know what they want and pursue it. When they have to make a decision, instead of looking around to see what others are doing, they seek the answer within themselves. They are proactive, non-reactive people.
7. They are not afraid of failure. Most people follow conventional paths, which society offers them, simply because they are afraid of failure, because they know that those paths have been tried by others and are relatively safe. On the contrary, authentic people are not afraid to take risks. The idea of ​​failure does not frighten them enough to prevent them from pursuing their dream dreams. They are aware that mistakes are part of the journey and lead to learning.
8. They don't try to persuade. One of the most interesting characteristics of authentic people is that, even if they know what they want and are very sure of their opinions, they do not pretend to convince their interlocutor. In a conversation, these people are limited to exposing their ideas or feelings, they do not pretend to manipulate emotionally or make others change their opinion. Authentic people are not intrusive, they respect the space of others and their ideas.
9. They assume their responsibility. Genuine people are not perfect, sometimes they make mistakes and can hurt others. But what differentiates them from others is that they take responsibility for their opinions, actions and feelings. These people accept their mistakes and try to fix them, they don't hide behind excuses.
10. They don't judge others. Authentic people have a very rich inner world, so they are more self-oriented than outward. On the other hand, having an internal locus of control makes them less inclined to criticize others. These people are more tolerant and open to diversity, understand human complexity and are not easily influenced by the expectations of others. As a result, they tend to have fewer interpersonal problems.
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