At the worst times I was alone

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At the worst times I was alone

Last update: October 23, 2015

At the worst times I was alone. I had the feeling that everyone had turned their backs on me, at least the people around me. In good times it's easy to find company, but bad times, nobody wants to share them. Just to accentuate the sadness, I received a lot of criticism, contempt and a coldness that froze me inside. I felt sad, very sad.

I stopped believing in human beings, like a little snail hiding in its shell, waiting for that sun that never shows itself to come out. I didn't want to talk to anyone, I didn't want to answer the phone, all conversations seemed empty and inhumane to me.

I used my little emotional intelligence. I thought, "I wish I could have been a little bit older!" and I started to get away from all those people, all those great encounters that made me feel even more alone and sad. Because…

There is nothing worse than being in a place that everyone considers paradise, but which is none other than the most uninhabited of deserts.

So I began to broaden my horizons, I approached those people who with their small gestures made me feel really good: an affectionate word, a hug, a sincere and pure look.

Perhaps the truth is that we are all alone in life and we need to accept it realistically. Nobody can hurt us all the time. Each of us has our problems and responsibilities. A small gesture, however, which does not even require a lot of effort, can help us as much as we are going through a bad time.

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