Asparagus: 10 recipes to enjoy them at their best (plus 2)

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- asparagus are they among your favorite foods? The common asparagus and wild asparagus they are excellent ingredients for preparing omelettes, quiches and risottos. If you are lucky enough to collect wild asparagus, perhaps in the countryside, you will have them available at no cost. Depending on the areas of your country, wild asparagus is also called mad asparagus or field asparagus. In all the recipes we suggest you can replace wild asparagus with cultivated asparagus, and vice versa, taking into account that wild asparagus are thinner and have a stronger flavor. Here are many recipes with asparagus to which you can inspire.


Risotto with asparagus

Il risotto with asparagus is a really tasty vegan first course. To be prepared in spring with cultivated asparagus or wild asparagus, this is a recipe suitable for the whole family. For the preparation of this dish, you can use your favorite variety of rice, preferably wholemeal. To be prepared with a good vegetable broth made very quickly even on the spot with onion, tomato, carrot and celery, the risotto with asparagus is not creamed with any animal fat. This makes it a healthy and light dish while still guaranteeing a truly exceptional flavor. Here the complete recipe.

Pan-fried asparagus with cherry tomatoes

A tasty side dish that is quick and easy to prepare with both cultivated asparagus and wild asparagus. An easy side dish to prepare because it cooks very quickly. The asparagus in a pan with cherry tomatoes are cooked with good extra virgin olive oil, shallots and yellow cherry tomatoes, they are not only a delight for the palate but also for the sight; they are in fact a colorful and tasty dish that will surely win you over at the first taste. Here you will find the complete recipe

Pasta with asparagus

Pasta with asparagus is prepared in a short time, this vegetable, in fact, does not need long cooking, and therefore is perfect to be prepared even when returning from work. You can choose the pasta format to combine with this sauce according to your personal tastes, however we recommend short pasta. Whether they are rigatoni or penne rigate, it is essential that they finish cooking with the asparagus, in this way you will have a perfect creaming and the sauce will therefore not slip off the pasta with every bite. Here the complete recipe.

Carrot gnocchi with asparagus

Dumplings are a very versatile first course. The most common recipe involves the use of potatoes, but it is possible to change it by replacing them at least half with carrots. The dough will acquire their characteristic taste. Here is the complete recipe for carrot and asparagus gnocchi.

Asparagus dumplings

Gnocchi are a great classic of your country cuisine and lend themselves to many variations. Asparagus gnocchi is a particular recipe but also very simple to make. A dish that you can also season to your liking with butter and sage so as not to cover the taste of the gnocchi. THU the complete recipe.

Venere rice with cream of asparagus and broad beans

A delicious, tasty and balanced first course. To prepare Venere rice with cream of asparagus and broad beans you will need a few simple ingredients and in less than an hour you will be ready to serve! Here is the complete recipe to follow step by step.

Ricotta and asparagus tart

Asparagus will be perfect for making a ricotta and asparagus tart. For the base you will use the briseé pastry or, alternatively, the puff pastry. The asparagus will be used to form the filling. THU recipe.

Asparagus fare

Farifrittata with asparagus is a light and tasty second course suitable for those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. Easy to make with a few simple ingredients and a final turmeric addition. Here is the recipe to follow step by step.

Asparagus omelette: the baked recipe

The omelette with baked asparagus is a vegetarian main course with which you can enjoy seasonal vegetables in all their flavor. Perfect to be eaten hot, the omelette with asparagus is also very good if eaten at room temperature. Preparing it is really simple and if you want to contain calories you just have to follow our instructions. For cooking the omelette with asparagus we opted for cooking in the oven and this will therefore avoid the addition of additional fats. Here the complete recipe.

Vegetable burgers of asparagus and carrots in your city with sage

These veggie burgers of asparagus and carrots in your city with sage are very simple to prepare, an alternative way to eat seasonal vegetables for children, they have been mixed with potatoes, asparagus and carrots, they have a delicate and captivating taste as well as a soft consistency even after cooking. Here the complete recipe.

Spring preserves: spicy pickled asparagus

If you want to take asparagus with you all year round, the solution is to prepare a conserve of spicy pickled asparagus. The preparation is extremely simple and fast, you just need to use some very fresh and firm asparagus, boil them and place them in the special sanitized jars. Here is the complete procedure.

Stuffed courgettes with asparagus

The recipe for stuffed zucchini with asparagus is a healthy and tasty alternative to bring these two vegetables to the table. A light and low calorie dish, with a soft preparation inside and firm and crunchy outside. Here you will find the complete recipe.

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