Artichoke juice: benefits and how to make it

Why hire artichoke juice? It is now well known, the artichoke is a friend of the liver and among the vegetables it is a real one "scavenger" for the organism, able to eliminate toxins and harmful substances and to strengthen it, thanks to presence of iron, potassium, vitamins (A and C) and other valuable substances.

Let's see all its benefits.


Benefits of artichoke juice

The artichokes, absolute superfoods, they are also passepartout in the kitchen because they have few calories - 100 grams of artichokes have just under 50 calories -, increase the functionality of the body, accelerating metabolism, helping digestion and the intestine in their work, while promoting theelimination of excess fats and liquids, therefore of the weight and related imperfections.

In short, hypertension, cholesterol, overweight, cellulite: here are some of the ailments that the artichoke keeps away and helps to cure.


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How to make artichoke juice

For a person the advice is to procure a couple of fresh artichokes. They are cleaned by removing the hardest parts, but not discarding as much as when cooking; they are then put in the blender (the juice extractor is generally not recommended by the major manufacturers) and are activated, adding just over half a glass of natural water.

The juice is then passed through a fine-meshed vegetable mill or colander, seasoned with a nice one splash of lemon juice, so from increase the absorption of iron.

If you consume once a day, even on an empty stomach, for a certain period, at least a couple of weeks, to eliminate fats, liquids and nourish the body.

They also exist on the market, in herbalist's shops or in online stores, food supplements based on 100% pure artichoke juice to be taken a couple of times a day before meals.

Among contraindications: artichoke juice is thawed for gallstone sufferers and breastfeeding women.


How to consume artichoke

Excellent cooked in delicious recipes, boiled, alone, in soup or with pasta and risotto; fantastic thinly sliced ​​and seasoned with oil, pepper and lemon as a fresh appetizer, artichokes are also taken in the form of tisane or drops of mother tincture.

In order to make the most of its fantastic properties, the advice is to eat them raw, natural or precisely in the form of juice, obviously taking advantage of the season in which the artichokes are fresher and fleshy, so from December to April approximately, depending on the varieties and regions, and, why not, in the periods in which they are also cheaper.

Curiosity: to understand if an artichoke is fresh, it is gently squeezed with the hand: it must be hard and compact.


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