Aren't you tired of pretending that everything is fine?

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Aren't you tired of pretending that everything is fine?

Last update: February 18, 2022

I don't want to tolerate certain things anymore, not because I've become arrogant, but simply because I've gotten to a point in my life where I no longer feel like wasting time on things that bother or hurt me.

I no longer have patience for cynicism, excessive criticism and the needs of others. I no longer want to try to please those who don't like me, I no longer want to love those who don't love me and smile at someone who doesn't want to smile at me.

I will not spend a single extra minute on people who lie to me or who want to manipulate me. I have decided that I will no longer live with bullying, hypocrisy, dishonesty and false compliments. I can't stand selective scholarship and academic arrogance.

I will no longer accompany certain scum. I can't stand conflicts and comparisons. I believe in a different world and, for this reason, I avoid people with a rigid and inflexible character.

In friendship, I hate lack of loyalty and deceit. I don't get along with those who don't know how to encourage and smile. The exaggerations bore me and I find it difficult to accept people who do not like animals. But, above all, I no longer have the patience for those who don't deserve it.

(Meryl Streep, text adapted from

There is a time in life when pretending to be socially welcome no longer makes sense. Smiling when we don't feel like it, trying to be nice to everyone and trying to be perfect is unnerving and desperate.

Things don't always go well and we're not always comfortable, but it seems like we have to be cheerful, happy and tolerant with everyone at all times. Pretending is painful, you have to realize it.

Don't pretend to smile anymore

Often, we pretend that things are fine when they are not; there is no reason to always be happy and content: there are complicated circumstances that require negative emotions such as sadness or anger.

Just because they're negative doesn't mean they're not healthy. Isn't it normal to be sad when our hearts have been broken or when a family member is sick?

There is nothing more painful than looking happy when something is hurting us. This attitude backfires on us, because we end up in a vicious circle that absorbs our energies and crushes our soul.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 sad people pretend to be fine?

In this way, our emotions end up being overturned, which is why they are battered and full of prejudices. We do not realize that we are becoming intoxicated and weakening: we not only deceive others, but we also lie when we look in the mirror.

It is necessary to get rid of the mental obligation to always be perfect and available; we have to show ourselves for what we are. Perhaps it is possible to deceive others, but we will not be able to deceive our conscience.

Pretending to be what we are not causes us discomfort, which can lead to problems such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, slowness, despair, insomnia, irritability, etc.

You must try to be authentic and always show yourself for who you are; also, it is important that you allow yourself to make mistakes and that you are not ashamed of your past.

If you cope with all of this, you will be able to treat yourself better and you can reinvent your life. It does not require you to be perfect, but to be happy; to do this, you must accept your lights and shadows.

The most important teaching that life can give you is to know yourself, to accept yourself and to love yourself, even if to do so you will have to detach yourself from many beliefs to which you have been subjected for years and years.

Open your eyes and dare to look at your life without filters!

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